6 Things Expected from Smartphones in 2018

Smartphone industry is established on the base of most important pillar, Innovation. In 2017, not much have seen regarding innovations except few such as 18:9 displays, e-SIM, face unlocking, HDR screens, 120Hz smartphone screens. Most of the mobile manufacturers continued to provide same or upgraded versions of already on the board innovations. But we can expect more from 2018, as certain patents for technologies and innovations were filed in 2017 by major mobile makers like Samsung, LG and Apple.

6 Things Expected from Smartphones in 2018

6 Things Expected from Smartphones in 2018

Okay. Leave behind the year 2017 and concentrate on technology of 2018. Fact wise, we do not know what smartphone giants have in their houses for their customers but we know the trends and patterns that are likely to be adapted in 2018 smartphones. On that note, we are listing Top 6 innovations that are likely to be offered to smartphone consumers in 2018.

1. Under-Screen Fingerprint sensor on the cards

We have seen smartphones experimenting with the positions of fingerprint sensor, some prefer home button while some chose back side as the ideal position. Worst case was seen on Samsung Galaxy S8, where users were not happy with placement of sensor and repeatedly complained about the position. Although, Samsung has corrected the position as seen in Galaxy A8 (2018) but that one is the temporary solution to the confusion. It was certain that under-screen fingerprint sensor will be on the cards but no that early. But, a recent report emerged and said OnePlus 6 might be the first device to have under-glass fingerprint scanner. Now, it is very much sure that OnePlus 6 will be released in 2018 and might feature this innovation.

OnePlus 6 under-screen fingerprint scanner

6 Things Expected from Smartphones in 2018 – OnePlus 6 said to sport a under-display fingerprint scanner

Under-screen fingerprint sensor would be useful because it occupies space on the front side. If it comes to the reality, more larger displays can be produced within the compact frame. Qualcomm and Vivo jointly has shown interest in under-glass bio-metric sensors.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

What if your camera says, Hey mate! There is a table in your picture. Consider moving it out the frame for more better picture. Yes, that we are expected to see in 2018, thanks to AI integrated cameras.

6 Things Expected from Smartphones in 2018 - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

6 Things Expected from Smartphones in 2018 – Better Artificial Intelligence is expected in smartphones

Consumers have witnessed certain personal voice assistants in the previous year like Google’s personal assistant, Samsung’s Bixby, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortona but they are not intelligent enough and we should agree on that point. Although certain patches and updates are rolled out to improvise the artificial intelligence on smartphones but not with major outcomes. Samsung’s personal assistant Bixby even criticized repeatedly for not understanding the instructions properly. Korean company took it seriously and invested big (like acquiring many AI startups including Fluenty) to produce better version of it known as Bixby 2.0. Apart from this, we have AI integration in cameras and unlocking device by face (thanks to face recognition technology in iPhone X).

In year 2018, we will some innovative advancements like AI camera will detect objects and identify them, a language translator that immediately converts your sentence in your mother language without connecting to internet, more efficient task doing for you by voice assistants.

Recently launched Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor is more AI-aware chipset than previous editions. So we are expecting AI-ready chipsets in devices in 2018. Huawei and Apple has already moved towards. Huawei’s in-house HiSilicon Kirin 970 is AI-integrated chipset said to be installed in MATE 10 devices. Now, smartphones will learn from user behavior and adept itself accordingly.

3. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology that works out to reduce the lines between virtual reality and world. Back in 2017, Apple introduced ARKit into iOS 11. Since its debut, Apple, Google, Facebook are working on the technology. ARKit’s launch was followed by Google’s still in beta project ARcore. Both allow developers to use augmented reality into the apps to provide awesome experience to their users.

Apple’s iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and latest iPhones comes with ARKit on the board. Google is testing out ARcore on its flagship devices Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Soon more Android powered smartphones will be filled with ARcore as it is a Google project. Google even shut down its project Tango to support ARcore. In 2018, we will see more apps and smartphones with improvised Augmented reality on the board.


4. Foldable Display Smartphone

What if your smartphone folds like paper, Yes we are talking about foldable displays on smartphones. From last years, speculations are constantly being made about such displays but no solid proof has been found. But, in last few months of 2017 several reports suggests that LG, Apple and Samsung are working on folding displays and dozens of technology patents are filed by the companies regarding that.

6 Things Expected from Smartphones in 2018 - Foldable smartphone

6 Things Expected from Smartphones in 2018 – Imaginary illustration of a paper like foldable smartphone

Rumors also suggested that, Galaxy X will be first foldable smartphone and to be released in early 2018. But Samsung disqualify that rumor completely. Now it is unlikely to get this innovation in your hands in 2018 itself as there are no indications till now. But, several mobile makers like ZTE, Honor etc. have shown interest in such display smartphones and many are competing in the race to get it first in the market. This competition might result in launch of foldable smartphone in 2018 itself.

5. Better BioMetric Security

With the year 2018, fingerprint sensor needs a better advanced alternative. Apple iPhone X recently ditched touch id from the device, getting into FACE ID to unlock the device. Apple got face recognition technology in the iPhone X which is used to unlock device by looking at it. Following the suit, certain android devices like LG V30+, Honor 10 View are launched that boasts face recognition technology.

6 Things Expected from Smartphones in 2018

6 Things Expected from Smartphones in 2018 – more devices are expected to feature Iris Scanner

Another alternative to fingerprint scanner is Iris scanner which is already present on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Now, Snapdragon 845 provides native support for Iris scanning technology. So, In year 2018 we will see more android smartphones with improvised facial recognition and Iris scanning technology.

6. 120 Hz Smartphone Screens

The biggest smartphone innovation witnessed in year 2017 but not became much popular. Razer Phone was the first smartphone to sport a display with 120 Hz refresh rate. It ditches the traditional 60 Hz refresh rate displays on normal mobile phones. Another brand, SHARP has also added support for such displays.

A screen’s refresh rate refers to how fast a it can update a picture every second. In theory, if your display has a higher refresh rate, its image should be smoother and sharper, even while scrolling on your smartphone. 2018 will mark the launches of more smartphones with these displays.

Launch of Android 9

Few months back, Google rolls out its Android version 8, Oreo and devices started rolling smartphones running on the same. In the year, smartphones running Android 9 will make their way to consumers. Android 9 will start with Letter P. Nothing is known about it yet. But a year has 12 months and it is possible that 2018 will witness the launch of new Android 9.

Apart from these, more devices with HDR displays, 4K displays are expected to launch in 2018. We pray that, 2018 should be full of innovations specially in the smartphone industry. These are the 6 Things expected from smartphones in 2018. If you have any tip, feel free to share with us.

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