Android Oreo Go Edition – Seven Things You Should Know

In May, 2017 Google announced to provide a customized version of it’s latest operating system, Android Oreo strictly for low-end devices. In a step to fulfilling that promise, Google finally launched Android Oreo (Go Edition) also known as Android Go last week in an event. It is not rolled out for devices yet but very soon low end devices will be able to feature it. It is a light-weighted version of Oreo engineered to run on devices with RAM as low as 512MB to 1GB.

7 Things To Know About Android Oreo Go Edition

Google is dedicated to make android a great platform for low-end smartphones with lot of configuration changes including special Go Edition apps (Youtube Go, Maps Go etc.), data saving features, memory optimizations, special customized version of Playstore, blocking background data usage etc. Here goes some important things about Android Go.

android oreo go edition

1. Flawlessly runs on phones with 512MB to 1GB RAM

Android Oreo Go Edition is the lightweight version of standard Oreo Edition. Thanks to Go edition apps, users who have low RAM device can enjoy the experience of Oreo on their devices. Making the same operating system work on both flagships and the cheapest of cheap phones is a challenge, but that is made a reality by Google.

2. Uses less space in system and apps

As engineered for low storage and RAM devices, Android Go is optimized to use less memory while using an app. Google optimized it in such a way that an average app is 15-percent faster and pre-installed apps to use 50-percent less space than the standard edition. With fewer pre-installed and much lighter apps you get 2x more available storage out of the box. Storage issues, solved.

3. Data Saving mode is ON

Now your low-budget smartphone will not end up using high data, thanks to Android Go’s data saving feature that is always turned on. It includes blocking of background data usage, chrome has also been customized to use very less data while watching videos. Go Edition has special Data Manager, where you can control how data is used on the device.

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4. Peer to Peer sharing via Files Go App

Files Go App does the task of sharing and finding files easier. This app allow users to share files with others even in offline mode. It makes the task of deleting files, find photos, videos and sharing them very easy. Files are secure and encrypted while transferring between devices.

5. Optimized Google Play Store

Yes! Android Oreo Go Edition has a special optimized version. It adds a special section where apps will be shown specially designed for Go Edition or low-budget handsets. However, Go Playstore users have access to other apps as usual.

6. Enhanced Security on Entry-Level Smartphones

Low-end handset Users will now have the same security that Standard Oreo 8.0 Edition offers. Every Android smartphone comes with Google Play Protect, built-in mobile security that keeps your apps and data safe through out. Scans all app installs, no matter where you download them from, even when you’re offline.

7. Optimized Google Apps

Go Edition offers special optimized versions of Google Apps like Go Assistant, Go Maps, Google Go App, Better and improvised Youtube Go app that occupies less space.

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