Apple iPhone Battery Replacement now cost Rs.2,000 inclusive of taxes in India

Apple has further dropped down cost of battery replacement of iPhones in India to Rs.2,000 inclusive of all taxes. Company has kick-started battery replacement program back in December, 2017 to compensate users for intentional slowing down of iPhones with ageing batteries. Battery replacement cost was set $29 internationally plus taxes. $29 roughly translates into Rs.2,000 and taxes should add another Rs.600 to the cost, so making the cost Rs.2,600 per battery. But, now Apple has further reduced cost of replacement batteries in India to Rs.2,000 inclusive of all taxes which earlier cost Rs.6,500 for the same.

Boost your iPhone performance

Battery replacement can boost your iPhone performance

The new prices was confirmed to us by Apple service center executive over a phone call. On asking, when we can get our iPhone 6S battery replaced, he said that there is real shortage of batteries and might take longer than expected time for it. Apple may have kicked-off the program in a quick response to the controversy but without assessing the actual magnitude of this program. Users are asked to wait for weeks due to supply limits, some service centers even reported one or two batteries in stock.

In a reply to the controversy and back to back lawsuits filed, Apple admits the intentional slowing down of iPhones with older batteries and reasoned that step was taken to prevent unexpected shutdown of older iPhones, and as apology token started battery replacement campaign at slashed prices. According to the program, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are eligible for the battery replacement at discounts.

A point to make note here is that not all above said models are eligible for discounted battery replace, instead service center executive will run diagnostics test on your iPhone to find out if your handset is actually slowed down or not. If found eligible in test, you can get your iPhone battery replaced under Rs.2,000 inclusive of all taxes, depending on the availability as Apple authorised centers are already facing a heavy shortage of iPhone batteries.

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