Apple sued over slowing older iPhones, back to back lawsuits filed

Just after Apple had admitted intentionally slowing down performance of iPhones with older batteries, follows with back to back lawsuits filed against company for deceptive and unethical practice. First lawsuit is filed by Stefan Bogdanovich in Los Angeles, California and second separate case is filed by five consumers in Chicago. Both lawsuits are asking Apple to stop such practice and pay for the damages it has caused to customers.

Apple sued over slowing iPhones

Talking about First Class action lawsuit filed by Stefan in Los Angeles, Stefan claims that company’s immoral practice of slowing down performance of older iPhones is hurting the users and caused losses to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users. Plaintiff arguing the case said that practice carried by Apple was never ever requested or agreed upon by the users and it was an step to market its newer models while increasing the sales. The Lawsuit demands company to stop the practice immediately and seeking penalty to affected customers.

Not only this, Apple is sued over by the second lawsuit filed by five customers in Chicago, as reported by Chicago Sun-Times. These five consumers regards the step of slowing older iPhones with aged batteries as purely deceptive, immoral and unethical. Further they claimed that, practice carried upon by Apple simply violates consumer protection laws in state as well as country.

Apple mentions earlier that iPhones were slowed down to prevent auto shutdown of devices but that point was not at all accepted by the customers well.

It all started with a discussion thread on Reddit where a community user claimed that newer battery improved performance of his iPhone 6s. This discussion forced team of Geekbench to conclude the tests and tests clarifies that company is intentionally slowing old iPhones. Apple quickly acknowledged the issue and admits about such practice is going on to protect severe damage to processor and it was rolled through a software update.

Apple has not commented on the lawsuits yet and outcome of the cases is yet to be seen. Moreover, Attorney James Vlahakis, on the Chicago federal lawsuit, also said that it is a marketing strategy carried out by the company to promote its newer iPhones.

Sources :  TMZ | Chicago Sun-Times

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