How to enable VoLTE on Yureka Through Custom ROM

YU recently added VoLTE on Yureka Plus devices. They have added it into new Yureka Plus phones and not released VoLTE on Yureka (Older/predecessor) smartphones. Reason behind this is that Old Yureka has some hardware mismatch therefore resulting into severe damage to your device. Some users tried copying files from new Yureka Plus to their Yureka and ended up with damage to their devices. Yu also added an special warning regarding this on their official forums. We have tested a custom ROM on older yureka that adds VoLTE on Yureka which works perfectly fine.

enable volte on Yu yureka

                     VoLTE on Yureka enabled

Steps to enable VoLTE on Yureka

Basic step is flashing a custom rom which will add VoLTE Feature to Yureka. Do not try custom ROM on any other device except Yu Yureka. If you do not have knowledge regarding rooting, flashing, custom recovery then you can skip this tutorial. Just go step by step and you will surely end up adding VoLTE on Yureka.

Things Needed

  1. Your smartphone Yureka should be rooted with any custom recovery.
  2. Download Custom ROM AOS Paradox (thanks to builder) and compatible gapps from Opengapps. (Choose combination as given in image below)
  3. Back necessary data before starting the flashing.
  4. Keep your phone battery more than 60%.
VoLTE on Yureka Gapps Custom ROM

VoLTE on Yureka ROM Gapps : ARM64, 7.0, nano

Flashing Steps of VoLTE Custom ROM

  1. Copy downloaded files into internal storage of your smartphone.
  2. Shut down your Yureka.
  3. Now press and hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button till you see Yu logo. (Press all three together).
  4. Now wipe cache, partition etc.
  5. Choose AOSParadox flash file and flash.
  6. Now choose Gapps file and flash.
  7. Now Reboot your system.
  8. If found any small bugs then do a factory reset or hard reset.
  9. Now go to settings > Network > Enable VoLTE.
  10. Thats it. Now enjoy VoLTE calls.

Note : Try at your own risk. We are not responsible if you brick your device during the process.

By following above steps you can easily enable VoLTE on Yureka. Your device should be rooted before going for steps. If have any queries then feel free to ask in comments.

We respect your privacy and take seriously to protect it. Rest assured.

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