Explanation of Form Factor in Mobile Phones

Form Factor in mobile phones is basically its design, how it looks like, what is it’s shape. Form factor in mobile phones means position and component’s layout.

Form Factor in Mobile phones is classified into three major categories namely Bar, Flip and Slider. These categories are further divided into various Sub Categories.

Bar Form Factor

A bar also referred as a block, slab. Bar phones are in shape of a cuboid with round corner or edges.  Bar Form Factor is derived from chocolate bar due to its shape and look.

Bar Form Factor in Mobile example

A typical Bar Form Factor Mobile

Generally Bar Form Factor in mobile phones comprises of a screen and keypad on one side. Nokia and Sony Erisson.

Bar Form Factor is further classified into following types :


TouchScreen also referred as Slate Form Factor is a sub category of Bar Form Factor in mobile phones. TouchScreen Form Factor basically gets rid of Qwerty Keypads and relies mainly on a touchscreen and few physical buttons.

Touchscreen Form Factor in mobile

Touchscreen Form Factor – Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro

After iPhone (first slate smartphone), every new phone has a shape of slate from past 5 to 6 years.

Phablet is said to be a subset of TouchScreen Form Factor. It is also a touchscreen phone but screen size varies from 5.5 inches to 7.9 inches.

Phablet Form Factor in mobile Galaxy Note 7

Phablet Form Factor – Galaxy Note 7

Flip Form Factor

Flip Form Factor in mobile phones was most popular upto  year 2000 and then it is fully replaced by TouchScreen and Phablet type mobile phones.

Flip Form Factor in Mobile

Flip Form factor- Moto Razr

Flip mobile phones are divided into sections and connected by hinges. Flip open the fold and screen becomes accessible and functions are carried out. Flip close will make the mobile phone compact and folded for easy portability.

Flip form example

Flip Form Example – Samsung Galaxy Folder

Motorola and Sony Ericssion deigned some of best flip phones namely Sony Ericssion W350, Motorola Ming.

Slider Form Factor

Slider Form Factor in mobile phones is another category of Form Factor which deploys two sections one on the other. While one section slides out the other on rails. One section displays screen and other section displays keyboard or buttons.

Slider Form Factor in Mobile

Slider Form Factor – Blackberry Torch

Slider Form example

Slider Form – Corby Pro

Many smartphones manufactured the slider phones. Samsung manufactured corby phones, Blackberry manufactured Torch. Nokia and Motorola also designs some of the best slider phones.

Silder mobile phones are replaced by Flip and later flip was replaced by touchscreen mobile phones.

Other Used Form Factor in Mobile


Swivel Form Factor in mobile phones intends to function same as slider mobile phones but swivel was not used very often by companies. Swivel is composed of two segments which swivel past each other about central axis.


Nokia manufactured some of Taco shape mobile phones namely Nokia N-Gaze, Nokia 3300 and Nokia 5510.


Smartwatches which gives enability to make calls and some features of mobile phones.


Mixed Form Factor in mobile phones is generally combination of two or more form factors into a single mobile phone. Nokia N90 uses both swivel and flip form factor.


Multi-screen mobiles has two or more screen on both sides of the phone. Out of two screen one screen function as full mobile features and other screen gives access to comby features.

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