Google Assistant can be Google for your world – See How ?

Google just launched its aces, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL and they took technology market by storm. Google is teasing Google Assistant, Artificial Intelligence (AI) on both the devices.

Google already have Google Now, Tap On, Voice enabled services then, why it is so fuss about Google Assistant ? Google claimed that their artificial app has become more intelligent than before and will learn more by each day as user uses it.

Google Assistant Vs Google Now

What is Difference about Google Now and Google Assistant ?

Google Now is voice activated personal assistant that performs voice commands more on basis of google search and it is static in nature. It is very much similar to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortona. But, Siri and Cortona are platform based only i.e. works only on iOS and Windows. While Google Now is available for both Android and iOS.

Google Now search your accounts, google searches and provides you the result on your command. It also performs various tasks, scheduling your alarm, posting on social media, adjusting your device volume and many more other functions. But it does not learn from your behaviour.

Google assistant - how smart it is ?

Google Now does not learn from your activities. For example, You want to search for restaurants in your nearby areas, it will display results. Suppose you are a vegetarian, so you might want to dig only into veg restaurants. But Google Now will display the results as google search do. This is the place where Google Assistant comes into role.

Unlike Google Now, Google Assistant will learn from your previous activities and once you will ask to find restaurants in your nearby area, it will present only veg restaurants as you searched for veg only restaurants previously. Now you might have got the beauty of Google Assistant.

Google Assistant – Your Own Google

Google Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. Recently, integrated into Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones and will not be available to other smartphones that supports Nougat android version.

Google Assistant is upgraded or friendlier version of Google Now. It do the same things as Google Now but with extra convenience and more conversational interface. Google Assistant can control your devices with voice commands amazon echo, chromecast and certain home appliances like Nest, Samsung SmartThings etc.

Google Assistant learns from your previous activities and do a lot of tasks like finding web, changing settings of your device, scrapping your gmail and other google accounts.

Google Assistant example

Now Assistant allows you to send commands when you are offline but it will respond only if you are online. All offline commands will be fulfilled once you get online.

Google Assistant is integrated with third party apps. It can find out information from wikipedia, IMDB. For example, If you want to book a cab ride. You just need to say Hello Google ! Book me a ride. It will provide you with Ola, Uber with functionality to book rides directly.

In Final words, you use the pixel mobile more and more,  Assistant will develop its nature and intelligence accoding to your requests and habits. It will provide solutions according to your preference. So Google Assistant may become google of your world by the time. Have any suggestions or queries then discuss with us in comments below.

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