Google CEO replied to a Job Application by 7 year old girl

A 7 year old girl from UK wrote an adorable job letter to Google Boss seeking job in their company. Girl got a reply from Google CEO, Sundar Pichai regarding job application with motivational words and asking her to write again once she is done with schooling.

Chloe's Letter to Dear Google Boss

Chloe’s Letter to Dear Google Boss

Chloe Bridgewater, a 7 year little girl is encouraged by her father to get a job in future. Father tells her that if you want a job where you can sit on bean bags, go down slides and ride go karts then google is the place for you. Little girl Chloe sent her hand written letter directed to ‘Google Boss’. She clearly states her priorities that she also wants to work in a chocolate factory and swim in the olympics.

Chloe mentions that she is fond of computers and tablets that she use to play games on. She already owns a tablet and her father promised to buy a computer for her. Chloe do not forgot to tell Google Boss about her academic performance. She quoted that my teachers told my mom and dad that Chloe is good at studies and very good at spellings and sums.

To this, Google CEO himself replied to kid by saying that he hoped you will continue to work hard and follow your dreams. Mr. Pichai also added that I am glad you are interested in robots and computers and hope that you will keep on learning more about technology. He also added that “I look forward to receiving your job application when you are finished with school. All the best to you and your family.”

Google CEO, Mr. Pichai's reply to Chloe's Letter

Google CEO, Mr. Pichai’s reply to Chloe’s Letter

Her father, Andy Bridgewater shared Pichai’s response on LinkedIn, and said that “it’s a much-needed confidence booster for Chloe, who was knocked down by a car years ago.” He said that he would encourage Chloe to develop her skills and focus on her studies to fulfill her goal of working at Google in the future. It has already gone viral on social media.

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