Google revamped mobile search with infinite scrolling

Google has been spotted silently testing the infinite scroll for mobile searches if that do not happen to be the final launch. US giant has already told that they keep on testing several tests on regular basis, so we can’t confirm that it is the final roll out. This is not the first time, Google has tried this feature.

Instead of showing regular ‘Next’ button at the end of search results, a replacing button ‘More results’ has been added. So, now a new page will not open, instead it will show more results on the same page that user is currently viewing. This concept of loading more and more search results on the same page is termed as infinite scrolling.

There were few rumors from last 6-7 years that Google might get rid off pagination on search result page and roll out the new feature of infinite scrolling. In August, 2017 some users spotted the same feature being tested for few users.

Well, we will get the exact report in few hours whether it is the permanent application of infinite scrolling for mobile search or it is another phase of testing.

At this point of time, we can’t confirm whether this infinite scrolling on google search page will help the webmasters or might become a cause of worry, because SEO experts have mixed reviews regarding this, some says it will be a curse while others pointed it to be a blessing.

Here is the comparison of previous search and search with indefinite scrolling feature

google search without infinite scroll

without infinity scroll

Google infinite scrolling feature for mobile search

Google mobile search With infinite scrolling

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