Google’s research arm and Daydream labs creates invisible VR handsets

If you have seen someone with VR handsets on, you already know that how odd they look. That is not good for emerging technology. So Google mix reality tech hopes to create a more communal experience by making VR handsets opaque and transparent.

Google’s research arm and Daydream Labs have partnered to make VR handsets practically invisible while experiencing the virtual reality. The end goal is to allow for less awkward demonstrations of VR technology and experiences on video.

To achieve this team constructs a 3D model of the user’s face, make use of machine learning, camera in depth process. Next, they’re handed a modified HTC Vive headset that’s capable of tracking eye-gaze. For a fully immersive video demo, the user is shot in front of a green screen while they’re engaged in a VR experience, with their VR environment composited into the background. See how results occured :

invisible vr handsets technology by google

Mixed Reality is a way to see what is happening inside a virtual place and outside. Avneesh Sud, Software engineer at Google research said that it is just a beginning of a new technology. Google says that it will make this invisible VR technology available on some popular Youtube spaces.

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