How to transform Moto Z using Moto Mods in a second

Today’s Science is Technology of Tommorrow. Justifying the point, Motorola has introduced Moto Mods that transforms Moto Z and Moto Z Play into superior devices in a second. To be specific, it just takes a blink of your eye time for the transformation to take place. Motorola is launching Moto Z and Moto Z play smartphones with moto mods on 18th October, 2016 on Flipkart in India. Questions follow up here, what is this new technology moto mods mean, how does it work, how the transformation takes place.

Moto Mods - A new possibility to technology

Moto Mods are special attachment or accessory that can be bought seperately which intends to make Moto Z and Play more modular. This is not something new to smartphone industry, earlier also LG, Samsung, HTC have tried to enhance functionality of smartphone but not succeeded and later they dropped the feature in their upcoming devices. Samsung Note edge promises to use edge screen to build customize menu but they dropped the feature in Galaxy S6 Edge  and it’s edge screen is then used for displaying the widgets only. LG G5’s Friends sticks to bottom and use to provide extra features to the device.Google’s upcoming project “Ara” also allows you to transform into six additional modules.

These mods are not same as Moto Mods because, moto adds easy to transform and stability to Moto Z and play. You can turn your device into big screen projector, digital camera, sound box and many more use these additional attachments to Moto Z. Mods are surprisingly easy to add or remove.

What are Moto Mods ?

“A back cover that stick to the back of mobile and adds some smart feature. These back covers are called as Moto Mods.” These modules will allow users to use cinematic big screen experience, digital photography which was not possible to inbuilt inside the smartphone.

Various moto mods for moto z and moto z play

So, these modules are made to improve user experience. These back covers will stick to mobile and transform the same into some other device. Does it sound magic ? May Yes, because modular concept is really magic which allows device to swap out into certain other smart and rich featured practical concepts.

How Moto Z transforms in Snap ?

Every Moto mod sticks to Moto Z and play in a second through some strongly built integrated magnets. They fits exactly and safely without making any scratch to the smartphone. Just take any moto mod and attach it to rear side and it will make the grip and will not seperate out without force, thanks to the magic magnets. These magnets have strong magnetic properties and mods do not fall apart with shaking and other means. Connection success message is displayed on screen and power and data transmission starts through the pins.

Motorola Moto Mods transforms in a second

Moto Mods can be swapped in seconds only. Plus point, mods do not make use of usb port to connect to smartphones. When you snap a mod on moto Z, one quick setup is required for the first time using moto mods manager app. Next time onwards, no further steps required and it connects automatically. Lenovo has turned out the transformation much easier.

Each Moto Mods has its own battery. When mod is connected to device, notification panel will show remaining power in two boxes each for smartphone and mod respectively. Mod have charging port and can be charged with the same charger inboxed to Moto Z and Moto Z play.

List of Moto Mods

List of moto mods is short for this time but more mods will be manufactured as per the requirement of users. Few of them are Insta-Share projector mod, Hasselblad true zoom camera mod, Soundboost JBL speaker mod, Power pack mod, wireless charging power pack by TUMI, style shell moto mods and others. We will try to explain the functionality and usage of various moto mods and to better understand the process of transformation of Moto Z and Moto Z play.

Insta-Share Projector

Turn your mobile screen into big screen upto 70 inches and enjoy your content on big screen with Insta-Share projector moto mods. It snaps on the back of smartphones and turns it into a projector. Project your videos and photos on big screens like white clothes, walls and enjoy the cinematic experience.

Insta-Share Projector transormation

Insta-Share Projector for Moto Z and Moto Z Play

Watch youtube, netflix, games on bigger screen while playing with adjustement of viewing angles. Resolution is just 480p and packed with 1100 mAH battery that lasts for around one hour and then it starts using smartphone battery.

JBL Soundboost

Snap the JBL soundboost to Moto Z and increase the volume and get the party started. This accessory stand out to be very useful because a tiny back cover now converts your phone into a music booster. According to it’s size, sound is outstanding.

Jbl motorola moto mods

JBL Sound Booster Moto Mod Snapped On

No extra setup required, just snap the soundbooster to the device and it plays off the music. No waiting time, thanks to interconnection between Moto Z and moto mods. JBL SoundBoost packs two 27 mm speakers and 1000 mAH battery with around 10 hours of listening time.

Hasselblad True Zoom Camera

It will be interesting fact to know that “Hasselblad is the first camera to take photo on the moon.” Hasselblad true zoom moto mods adds advance imaging experience to Moto Z smartphone, which is impossible for a smartphone camera to achieve. True Zoom moto mod sticks in seconds and provides ultimate photographic adventures.

Hasselblad true camera zoom moto mod

Hasselblad True Zoom Camera Mod For Motorola Z and Play

Camera Moto mod itself packs 12 megapixel camera with focus aperture of around f/3.5 -6.5. Go distance with 10x optical zoom on hasselblad true zoom camera moto mods. Xenon flash is added to light up your objects and provide blur free images even in night time. Sharing the photos and videos is much easier and backup your high quality images and films in google photos with unlimited storage.

Power Pack Moto Mods

Certain power pack moto mod has been designed with support to wireless charging. Now adding extra battery life to Moto Z smartphones have become much easier. Few power pack mods are already designed such as TUMI Wireless Charging Moto Mod, TUMI power pack moto mod, Kate spade wireless charging power pack mod, Kate Spade power pack moto mods.

Wireless charging moto mod

Wirless Charging Power Pack mod by Kate Spade

These power packs on an average adds about extra one day battery life to smartphone approx 22 hours.  So forget about fumbling with batteries and looking for wall sockets, Just snap the moto mod and you are ready to go. Power pack moto mod is equipped with 2200 mAH battery. It communicates with your smartphone, when power is low, it automatically starts charging your phone when required.

Style Shell Moto Mods

Style shell mods are just added to refurbish design of moto z. Just snap on and magnetically attached, style shell will add customized look to your smartphone. Provide fancy looks, leather finish and other styles with these moto mods. Exceptionally lighter in weight does not add any extra weight to your smartphone. Popular style Shell moto mods are manufactured by TUMI and Kate Spade New York companies.

Style shell moto mods by TUMI and Kate Spade

Leather Style Shell Moto Mods

With these moto mods, you have ample opportunities to enhance functionality and transormation of your smartphone into a complete new device. Price of these moto mods have not disclosed for India. But they are available outside India in the price range of around $60 to $250.

These mods are compatible with only Moto Z and Moto Z play smartphone which will be available for sale in Flipkart from 17th October 2016. Moto Accessories like mods will also be available to purchase along with the smartphones.

To recap, Moto Z is a 5.5 inch ultra slim smartphone with 5.2 mm thickness weighs only 135 gram. Powerd with snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB RAM running on android marshmallow. It includes 13 MP rear camera while 5 MP selfie camera. With only 2600 mAH battery supports various features like moto mods, VoLTE, 32 GB to 64 GB internal storage. While Moto Z play has 16 Mega Pixel rear camera, 7 mm thickness, snapdragon 625 processor with 3 GB RAM, 3510 mAh battery, 32 GB internal storage with added compatibilty to moto mods.

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