Latest Report States Lowest 4G Speeds in India, Ranks 11th in terms of 4G availability

Indian Telecom companies advertising super fast speed internet in each advertisement we pass by. But according to a recent report released by OpenSignal, India has lowest LTE speed out of 77 countries researched. India falls behind from Global 4G speed average by over 10 MBPS. India has average 6.13 mbps speed which is very less in comparison to Global average of 16.2 to 16.4 mbps. Yet, in terms of 4G availability, India stands at the 7th spot among 77 countries. List is topped by Singapore and South Korea in terms of average 4G speed and availability respectively.

As per the report, many individual telecom operators have cracked the barrier of 50 mbps but No country has been to able to crack that barrier. Among 77 countries no country consistently provides speeds more than 50 mbps to their residents. South Korea and Singapore are about to break this mark as they offer 45.9 Mbps and 46.6 Mbps respectively.

4g speed chart by opensignal

OpenSignal examines 4G speed of 77 countries, India ranks last

In terms of availability (it is not accounted in terms of geographical reach, but measured in terms of time users have access to the network), India stands at 7th position offering 84 percent time where users are able to connect to the network. It is increased by 10 percent from last year. Key mobile operators if examined individually, Reliance Jio offers LTE signals 91.6 percent of the time when users need them while other operators in India did not cross 60-percent mark including Airtel, Vodafone and others. Here, South Korea placed on top offering 96.69-percent connectivity time.

4g availability chart by OpenSignal

OpenSignal examines 4G availability of 77 countries, India ranks 11th

Taking 4G speeds into consideration, Indian telecom industry failed badly because country ranked last even behind Pakistan. Indian companies offer around 6.13 mbps 4G speed which is very low in terms of global average speed. While, the top ranker, Singapore offers 46.64 mbps followed by South Korea (45.9 mbps). OpenSignal pointed that the country will slowly move away from being a developing 4G region to become a full-grown 4G power by next year.

Among Indian operators, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone subscribers witnessed a drop in the LTE speed in the year of 2017 while Jio subscribers witnessed more than 50-percent increase in LTE speed in 2017. After the end of free services offered by Jio including Welcome offers, Jio has substantially stablised its network by putting daily limits on data usage offered by various Jio Plans.

Note : Availability is calculated as the time when users were able to connect to the network. It is not calculated as geographical expansion.


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