LeEco Le 1S and Eco might not get VoLTE update

LeEco (formerly known as LeTV) might not be able to provide VoLTE support on it’s Flagship superphones Le 1S and 1S Eco due to hardware configuration of the smartphone. There is lot of fuss on Le Official Forums about the Le 1S will get the VoLTE upgrade or not. But no administrators of the forum provided their concern to ease out this discussion.

LeECo Le 1S Eco VoLTE software upgrade file

MediaTek chipsets somehow failed to it’s competitors like Qualcomm and Exynos chipsets in providing VoLTE support on chipsets. But now MediaTEK has speeds up the process and enabled VoLTE on various SOCs like X20, X30 and later on. Also working for providing VoLTE support on previous versions of Chipsets. Le 1s Eco also runs on MediaTEK MT6795 Helio X10 chipset which already makes it difficult for the company to provide VoLTE Support.

Band 5 Absent on Le 1S

As we know Reliance Jio Sims runs on Network Bands 3,5 and 40. Band 5 is used to provide outstanding LTE coverage while Band 40 provides blazing fast speeds and Band 3 stands between both of them. Now non support of Band 5 on Le 1S leaves it an outdated smartphone. So, Band 5 support is not available for the device which is very much required to make VoLTE calls due to the network coverage. So if you are waiting for VoLTE upgrade on Le 1S then it is not an easy cup of coffee.

Although, LeEco did not repeat the same in it’s new superphones Like LeEco Le 2 and Le Max 2 where company shifts to Qualcomm chipsets and also added Band 5 support. Hence, you can enjoy bug free VoLTE supports on Le 2 and Max superphones. LeEco also added an official statement regarding the same which indirectly means Le 1S hardware configuration does not support VoLTE.

official update on Le 1s Eco VoLTE

Latest VoLTE update by LeECo regarding VoLTE

LeEco comments regarding status of VoLTE on Le 1s Eco

Note : You can use Jio4Gvoice App to enjoy VoLTE calls on Le 1 smartphone.

Coolpad has provided VoLTE support on MediaTek chipsets but with bugs in Coolpad Mega 2.5D. In Coolpad Mega, VoLTE seems a myth still. MediaTEK need to work hard to update their chipsets to be in queue. If you have any queries regarding VoLTE on Le 1S and Eco, feel free to express in comments below.

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