LG G7 ThinQ Is An Impressive Upcoming Phone?

LG G7 Thinq impressive phone

The LG G7 ThinQ is just around the corner but there is already hefty speculation trying to tell what the phone could be. And we are discussing them here, we are covering rumors and leaked details to know what LG G7 ThinQ is going to offer.

Firstly, it will have a little different display. It reportedly has a 6.1-inch Super Bright display with resolution of 3120 x 1440 pixels and pixel density is 563 per inch. The aspect ratio is 19.5:9 which is very impressive but not surprising. One more interesting point, the screen can boast of high brightness, up to 1000nits and good color reproduction (the coverage of the color space DCI-P3-100%). With all this, the power consumption of the display will be 30% lower than that of the previous models. Another interesting point about the screen are other sources. In the smartphone firmware, in the settings, you can choose whether to display the interface with notch or without. In the latter case, the LG G7 thinQ less is similar to the IPhone X-and it may be like someone.

May be, from the most controversial moment of G7 – cut. LG is aware that not everyone likes cutouts, so the company will try to solve this problem with the help of software. The LG G7 will allow users to choose whether they want to use the extra screen space or decide to hide the cutout. For clarity, if you hide the cutout, it will reduce the screen space, as along the top of the display will appear a strip that masking the cut under the frame. The notch cutout will remain in place, as it is placed front camera and speaker, but it will be invisible to the eye. In other words, although LG claims that the cutout will be present at the user’s choice, in fact it is not. It is in every sense a smartphone with a cutout.

LG positions Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the core of the G7. The company has already impressed the world with V30 ThinQ (the AI version of V30). This, is the reason why the company choose the name ThinQ. Although not the most enticing name, it was chosen to display the intellectual abilities of the LG G7. Because his intellect goes beyond what a smartphone can do for you – in terms of providing contextual information – AI, which is closely related to other elements of the G7, like a camera, is another important commercial argument for the upcoming LG G7 ThinQ.

The RAM and flash memory volumes in the basic configuration are 4 and 64 GB. Top versions will have 6 GB of RAM. What about camera? We have received info on f/1.6 aperture and image sensor of 16MP. A source claims the LG G7 will be equipped with 16MP on rear panel. More, there can be a step forward from the two 13-megapixel LG G6 cameras and a combination of 16 and 13 megapixel cameras of the V30 line. However, as in the previous versions, the module will consist of one standard camera and one wide-angle. Possibly, users can easily switch between them, and will even receive recommendations from the system which is better to use. The wide-angle camera will have a 107-degree field of view, and the standard will be equipped with a lens with aperture f/1.6. The standard camera will also have a 10-bit HDR compatibility for better color reproduction, just like LG V30. By the way, G7 has full compatibility hdr10, which means it not only records video HDR10, but also can play HDR10-video on its display.

And more, the newly released V30s Thinq, LG will sell the close integration of AI and the G7 camera as “AI Cam”. LG focus on how the G7 can handle what it sees and offer recommendations to fully unleash the potential of the images taken. To be more precise, AI Cam will offer four “improvement filters” that provide different levels of optimization based on aspects such as color, contrast, and saturation. The LG G7 will also offer the ability to compensate for the excess light by adjusting exposure, and the ability to easily switch to wide-angle mode when needed. The last two functions, in fact, are part of the first, because the smartphone itself will know when it is better to adjust exposure or use wide-angle mode, and will give advice to the user. Similarly, the level of recommendations will facilitate the fact that LG G7 will be able to distinguish objects in the field of view (human, animal, landscape, etc.), determine the best settings and give recommendations based on these observations.

“Super pixels” will be used by LG to improve the ability of the G7 to see at low light levels. At the user level, this will be represented as a “bright mode”, which, again, is a function based on AI. It determines when there is not enough light, and combines pixels to form super pixels. According to LG, as a result, G7 will be much productive in poor lighting, compared to LG G6, as well as V30 and V30 +. G7 will be sold as a smartphone, capable of making photos and videos four times brighter than the range of G6 and V30.

More, the new upcoming smartphone is powered by a rechargeable battery capacity of 3000mAh (along with QuickCharge 4.0 feature) and a port USB-C will be used.

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