Machine-to-machine SIMs will have 13 digit numbers from 1st July 2018, says DoT

The Department of Telecommunications has told telecom companies to issue 13-digit M2M SIM numbers starting from 1st July, 2018. These 13-digit numbers will work along with 10-digit numbers as well.

13-digit m2m numbers in India

Machine-to-machine numbers are those numbers which are used in internet enabled devices like advance refrigerators, air conditioners and point of sale machines which interact with the help of SIM cards. The decision was taken during a meeting and guidelines for the implementation of same has been issued to various telecom companies.

Department of Telecommunications has finalized the scheme of these 13 digit m2m numbers and instructions are sent to concerned companies on 9th February, 2018. It was finalized that these 13 digit m2m numbers should start rolling from 1st July, 2018 and already rolled 10 digit numbers will work just like before till 1st October, 2018. After that these 10 digit numbers will be migrated to 13-digit numbers and migration will finish latest by the last working day of this year i.e. 31st December, 2018.

DoT has asked network service providers to align their network elements with this 13 digit m2m format before 1st July, 2018.

Readers please make a note that this new development have nothing to do with mobile number services, as these are meant for only m2m services. So mobile numbers will not have 13-digit numbers in India. There arise some questions with this rule, let’s discuss possible answers briefly.

What are M2M services?

M2M is known as Machine to Machine communication between two devices with no human interference involved. These M2M numbers are used in point of sale machine, FasTag service (pay highway toll online) and advance electronic appliances.

What is the need of 13 digit m2m numbers in India?

Simple and short answer is technological advancement in India. Our country is moving towards smarter infrastructure day by day. In few coming years, smartphones will be the only smart device in our homes, as more smart devices like music system, home appliances and vehicles will be manufactured with smart features.

So M2M communication is must so that these smart devices can communicate on their own. Internet of Things (IoT) is going to use m2m services in more advance way in near future. To avoid accidents on the road, vehicles might communicate with each other and avoid damages to itself by this m2m service. So, two device will communicate based on m2m number SIMs for a better use.

Outing of 13-digit numbers suggests that DoT wants to have separate numbers for the machines, so that they are not to be confused with mobile numbers. Migration of old 10-digit m2m SIM numbers confirms this possibility.

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