Microsoft announces ‘Always Connected PCs’- Asus NovaGo and HP Envy x2 are first such laptops

Right from the beginning of Personal Computers, technology evolved steadily and changed the pattern how we interact with the technology. Many of the technology developments are provided by the Windows maker company, Microsoft. Continuing the legacy, Microsoft announces World’s first instant ON, Always Connected PCs with full day battery life in collaboration with Qualcomm. At an event held at Hawaii on Tuesday, company launched Always Connected personal computers running Windows 10 on ARM powered Qualcomm Chipset. HP and Asus are going to make these PCs for the first time.

Terry Myerson, Windows and Devices Group Executive Vice President during Qualcomm Tech Summit said that;

“Along with our hardware partners HP and ASUS, we showed the world the first full-featured Always Connected PCs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset running Windows 10 and a new, optimized version of Office 365. ASUS and HP have worked hand in hand with us to deliver on pushing the boundaries of what a PC can do, and we continue to work closely with Lenovo as they build their own Always Connected PC.”

Always connected Laptops will offer built-in LTE connectivity and a week of battery life. Powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC and running on Windows 10, these laptops are Instant On and remains connected to LTE anytime. Microsoft regarded it as the next revolution in technology industry in the field of personal computers.

Advantages of Always Connected PCs over regular laptops

These laptops are ultra thin, beautifully crafted and runs on Windows 10 operating system with revamped version of Microsoft office 365. Apart from this, Always Connected PCs change the way how you deal with your laptop as it offers added advantages such as

  • Whenever you pick the device, screen is always ON. You don’t have to wait for the screen wake.
  • Laptops remains always connected with in-built LTE network whether you are in car, lounge or workplace. It improves security as you might no longer be under hackers attack. Earlier, You were connected to Public Wi-Fis there were chances of your data breach by the hackers.
  • Most importantly its powerful battery that is just great, offers a week long battery juice and it shades off your pain for pinning laptop after every 5 to 6 hours. Say Bye Bye to long cables and Power cords and remain always connected with Always Connected laptops manufactured by HP and Asus for the very first time.
  • Cost saving – Most countries including India and US are now connected to 4G network and reduce costs incurred in installing Wi-Fi antennas and repeaters and upgrading them always needs huge investment. Now with LTE connectivity over laptops these costs can be cut.

Always Connected Laptops by Asus and HP

Asus and HP are the first one among PC manufacturer to engineer first Always Connected PCs. Asus launched NovaGo convertible laptop while HP announced Envy X2 2017 edition laptop to feature the latest technology.

Asus NovaGo 2-in-1 Laptop

Asus NovaGo - Always Connected PC

ASUS NovaGo TP370QL convertible Laptop

World’s first Gigabit LTE convertible laptop, Asus NovaGo powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC platform clocked at a speed of 2.6GHz with X16 LTE modem. This 2-in-1 laptop runs on Windows 10 OS, offering certain new features like Windows Ink, Windows Hello, and Cortana.. NovaGo sports 13.3 inch Full-HD display (1080 x 1920 pixel screen resolution) and has two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports, and one HDMI port. Asus NovaGo convertible laptop features certain storage variants of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB universal flash storage coupled with 4GB and 8GB RAM options.

Laptop also supports e-SIM and nano-sim options and provides LTE connectivity. Laptop offers super fast download speeds on LTE network where you can download a 2 hour movie in a matter of just 10 seconds and a large 52Wh lithium-polymer battery that provides 30 days of standby time and 22 hours of continuous usage. Dimensions of Asus NovaGo are as follows – 316 mm x 221.6 mm x 14.9 mm and weighs around 1.39 Kg.

No details about availability are yet disclosed by Asus but pricing is out. 4GB + 64GB version will cost $499 (Rs.30,999) and 8GB + 256GB version of NovaGo is priced at $799 (Rs.49,999).

HP Envy X2 (2017) Laptop

HP Envy x2 - Always Connected PC

Envy X2 2017 Edition

Another Always Connected PC that is launched by Microsoft is HP Envy X2 laptop. It is a super thin, brilliantly designed laptop powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor coupled with 8GB RAM and 256GB universal flash storage. Envy X2 (2017) is just 6.9mm thick, making it feel more like a tablet in the hand than a laptop. It has 12.3-inch WUXGA+ display with 1080 pixels HD resolution. No fans are installed in the device and making it weight-less at just 0.7 Kg.

Like the previous one, this one also runs on Windows 10 operating system with certain new window features like Windows Ink. HP Envy X2 supports SIMs and offers Gigabit LTE connectivity on the board with lightning-fast downloading speeds. It is further backed by a large battery that aims to provide up to 20 hours of active usage.

HP is expected to launch this laptop by the Spring season, 2018 and prices are yet to be revealed. Till date, these two laptops are announced in the range of ‘Always Connected PCs’ but Lenovo is expected to join the range and will soon launch the third laptop of this series.

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