Microsoft’s Skype Lite and LinkedIn now supports Aadhaar authentication, Works on 2G as well

Aadhaar card is the largest information database of users and their info. To avoid spam, Microsoft decided to authenticate their skype lite app and LinkedIn with aadhaar thereon.

Skype lite app with aadhaar authentication for India

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella announced lite version of skype called as skype lite which intends to work for 2G connections. He also said that it is specially designed for Indian market and it will feature in-built authentication using aadhaar. Regular skpye will also starts aadhaar authentication from June 2017.

It will enable skype users to verify identity of unknown callers in many cases such as job interviews, sales etc. Mr. Nadella also said that this service can be extended to government services as well. One great thing to be noted here is aadhaar data will be deleted automatically after verification by the end of the call over skype. So get ready for your next skype job interview as it may require you to authenticate your identity with aadhaar.

Skype lite is developed in Microsoft’s development center at Hyderabad and it is specially designed to use over 2G connections as it will consume less data and low power consumption. Skype lite app is added with 7 language support including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. It has been designed to work with Indian chatboats.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the big announcement for India on the sidelines of the #FutureDecoded event on Wednesday in Mumbai. Skype lite will be a 13mb app and initially available for android users only and later it will be launched for iOS also. Share what you think about this move from Microsoft in comments below.

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