OnePlus 5 coming this summer confirmed, OnePlus 4 skipped

Yes, you hear it right. Earlier leaks regarding high end device from OnePlus appears all true. So the much awaited successor of OnePlus 3T smartphone and OnePlus 3 smartphone is coming as said by the OnePlus’ Shenzhen office to The Verge.

OnePlus 5 logo image

Next Flagship smartphone of OnePlus 5 will start rolling this summer. However, no exact dates are confirmed yet. Earlier rumored reports suggest that it will have a dual camera setup and RAM can go upto 8 GB unlike 6 GB in it’s predecessor.

Why OnePlus 4 skipped? – Possible reasons

With OnePlus 5 getting confirmed, it is also confirmed that OnePlus 4 will be skipped by the company. Two possible reasons for OnePlus 4 getting skipped are

  1. Number 4 is considered unlucky in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. (Because number sounds like death when pronounced in Chinese.) However, OnePlus denied this reason.
  2. OnePlus said that lots of their employees are fans of Former NBA Player Robert Horry. And the jersey number of Robert Horry is 5. So this can be the reason naming it 5. (There are two large paintings of Robert Horry in OnePlus Shenzhen office).

As already known, OnePlus company is a trend setter in making premium smartphones with high tech features and trust along with reliability. They changed the definition of high end device in your budget. Also remember that, OnePlus will boast 5.5 inch screen of QHD resolution and a Snapdragon 835 chipset.

OnePlus gets confirmed

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