Apple Macbook Pro 2015 MF840HN/A Ultrabook

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Apple Macbook Pro 2015 MF840HN/A Ultrabook Lowest Price
Colours :-  SIlver

  • 13.3 inch Screen Display
  • OS X El Capitan Operating System
  • Hard Disk Capacity
  • 8 GB RAM DDR3
  • Intel Core i5 3330S processor

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Apple Macbook Pro 2015 MF840HN/A Ultrabook Best Price In India

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₹ 95000
8 GB/256 GB SSD/OS X
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Apple Macbook Pro 2015 MF840HN/A Ultrabook Details

The Apple Macbook Pro 2015 MF840HN/A Ultrabook sports a 13.3 inch LED Backlit Retina Display with IPS Technology with 2560 x 1600 pixels screen resolution without touchscreen functionality. This laptop is suitable for Processing & Multitasking, Travel & Business. It runs OS X El Capitan Operating system.

It is powered with Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 2.7 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 3.1 GHz speed. It has Intel Integrated HD 6100 graphics processor packed into it. Apple Macbook Pro 2015 MF840HN/A Ultrabook features 8 GB DDR3 RAM coupled with inuff HDD capacity. The Laptop has 6 MB Cache. The machine needs power supply of 60 W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter. The battery promises a battery backup of Built-in 74.9-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery.

Apple Macbook Pro 2015 MF840HN/A Ultrabook packs with internal mic. The sound department includes Stereo speakers properties. Coming to ports and slots it has USB slots 2 x USB 3.0, Yes, SDXC Card Slot Internet and connectivity details completes with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wireless LAN, Gigabit Ethernet (ethernet), Bluetooth v4.0. It measures 314 x 219 x 18 mm in terms of dimensions and weighs at 1.58 kg.

Other specifications of Apple Macbook Pro 2015 MF840HN/A Ultrabook FaceTime HD Webcam, Full-size Backlit Keyboard with Ambient Light Sensor, Touch Trackpad, Force Clicks, Accelerators, Pressure-sensitive Drawing, Multi-Touch Gestures, pre-installed softwares (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, iBooks, Safari, Mail, FaceTime, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Time Machine, Photo Booth, iTunes, Game Center, Preview, Notes, Mac App Store). More over, it is fairly priced considering the internal configurations and outer design.

Apple Macbook Pro 2015 MF840HN/A Ultrabook Specs

Sales Package

MacBook Pro with Retina Display, MagSafe 2 Power Adapter, AC Wall Plug, Power Lead

Model Number


Part Number


Model Name

Macbook Pro 2015


Macbook Pro 2015





Suitable For

Processing & Multitasking, Travel & Business

Battery Backup

Built-in 74.9-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery

Power Supply

60 W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter

Processor Brand


Processor Name

Core i5

Processor Generation

5th Gen



SSD Capacity

256 GB


8 GB

RAM Type


Processor Variant



Z77 Express

Clock Speed

2.7 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 3.1 GHz

Memory Slots

1 Slot

RAM Frequency

1866 MHz


6 MB

Graphic Processor

Intel Integrated HD 6100

Operating System

OS X El Capitan

System Architecture


Mic In


USB Port

2 x USB 3.0



Multi Card Slot

SDXC Card Slot



Screen Size

13.3 inch

Screen Resolution

2560 x 1600 pixels

Screen Type

LED Backlit Retina Display with IPS Technology



Internal Mic

Dual Microphones

Sound Properties

Stereo speakers

Wireless LAN

IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac




Gigabit Ethernet


314 x 219 x 18 mm


1.58 kg

Web Camera

FaceTime HD Webcam


Full-size Backlit Keyboard with Ambient Light Sensor

Pointer Device

Touch Trackpad, Force Clicks, Accelerators, Pressure-sensitive Drawing, Multi-Touch Gestures

Included Software

iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, iBooks, Safari, Mail, FaceTime, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Time Machine, Photo Booth, iTunes, Game Center, Preview, Notes, Mac App Store

Warranty Summary

1 Year Limited Warranty from Apple

37 reviews for Apple Macbook Pro 2015 MF840HN/A Ultrabook
Note : **Some of the reviews are picked from flipkart, Amazon and other e-stores.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jamshir Goorabian

    Bought this from an Official Apple Premium Reseller about a week ago. I am a software engineer so I have tested this thing from the programming point of view as of now.

    Having used all 3 OS’s in the past, Linux, MAC OS and Windows I can guarantee that MAC gives an overall satisfactory performance. Linux comes in second followed by Windows. For Business professionals I suggest investing in Windows.

    Moving on to the Macbook itself. The main reason someone would spend so much money on this computer is NOT THE OS but it is actually the HARDWARE that makes it astounding.

    1. Battery life: Laptops other than a MAC do not even come close to the battery life output of a MAC. Casual web-browsing, music streaming and documentation would not drain your battery and will easily get you through a day. If you keep brightness of the screen low, it might last even more.
    2. Screen: the Retina display on this is fabulous. Color is a little off than the standard shade but clarity is on point.
    3. Unibody Metal Construction: the metal case of the laptop itself is amazing and gives it a really solid feel. It is a bit heavy when compared to a Macbook Air but if it’s in your backpack, you’ll forget that it is even there.
    4. Force Touch Trackpad: you won’t find anything like this in the market. It’s one of the main reasons for me to buy this laptop. No more left and right click nonsense involved. Click anywhere and your work shall be done. And it is very responsive.
    5. Processor: 5th gen core i5 keeps it running fairly smooth. Coming from a Windows laptop with core i7 I did not see too much of a difference in computation speeds. But yes apps do open and close faster due to the super fast SSD.
    6. Static State Drive (SSD) Storage: This machine has the fastest SSD ever made and it is effing awesome! I transferred over 90GB of data from my external hard drive in a little less than 3 minutes. The same thing on a conventional HDD laptop would easily take 10-15 minutes or more. Also, the booting up of the laptop is blazing fast. Apps open up super quick and file transfer within the internal storage happen within fractions of a second.
    7. Ports: I wish it had 3 USB Ports but sadly it has only 2. It also has 2 Thunderbolt ports which I haven’t made use of as of now. Has other standard inclusions like HDMI, Headphone jack, SDXC card slot.

    the only major drawback of using this laptop is it’s KEYBOARD. It really sucks. The keys feel really cheap and the feedback was not satisfactory either. I put a silicone cover for the keyboard which has improved things but it is nowhere close to keyboards made by HP and Lenovo.

    If you’re planning on getting a new machine, and if you’re currently on windows, I would suggest you first try out a Macbook if any of your friends have it. Windows is a lovely OS and is as good as MAC OS, if not better. But sadly Microsoft doesn’t build laptops themselves and what manufacturers like HP, DELL, Lenovo, etc put out do not come close to this.

    Currently, the only Windows laptop which is being compared to this laptop is the Dell XPS13. That is a great laptop as well but if I’m not mistaken it is much pricier than this laptop.

    NOTE: Once you start using a Macbook, you won’t go back to Windows. Not at least till the time Microsoft makes a solid Macbook competitor to match the hardware performance.

    P.S. You have the option of dual-booting your Mac with Windows if you really do need Windows on your machine. My suggestion – don’t. Stick to the native OS and don’t mess around with something which is already well capable of handling all your day-to-day tasks.

    Just buy it, the price might be a hindrance but the laptop will not disappoint. I promise.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sanjay Dixit

    There is a reason the price doesn’t seem very pocket friendly.
    The premium design will blow your mind. Have been using it for more than a month now and here are some points to note.

    – The 13 inch display it sports is probably the most beautiful one I have ever seen.
    – Light weight, great power backup, insanely powerful and I have not words left to describe the speed at which data is transferred (on the SSD).
    – Force Touch is an amazing thing in itself.
    – Decent OS, with regular updates.

    – The charger cord gets disconnected from the device often upon the slightest brush of my hand, probably magnets are not powerful enough to hold them together.
    – Not many features (UI and otherwise) making use of force touch.

    If you are considering to buy this beauty, do it.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    bhavdip Pathar

    Few days ago received this product. Actually it was came one day before the shipping date for that would like to say thanks to Flipkart.
    As usually, It was came with good packaging. When i was thought to buy the macbook pro, frequently visited the Flipkart and other sites where read the other people’s reviews. I had decided to move from window to Mac without knowing that which laptop is best either Apple Air or Apple Macbook Pro.

    I try to research and study about the Macbook laptop,Finally come with the solution that Macbook pro is best fit with my need and buy it from here. I choose it because looking that it has high RAM and latest processing power and no issue with SSD. This configuration also available in AIR but when compare this is the advance version of Macbook that help you when you want to work on more graphics and multiple applications. It’s battery life is very good and plus point charging fast and run long(depend on the usages).

    If you are the person who are more dealing with the multiple application/software on daily base then I would suggest this mode is best for you. You can think to purchase this model. Actually quality vise it’s fare better compare with the other brand laptop series.

    Finally, Apple design the amazing premium product, light weight, faster and powerful.


  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Divyanshu Singh

    I absolutely love my MacBook Pro 13.3″ laptop. I got 7.5% extra @ via flipkart !! Awesme Product , I am coming from windows (I have an Dell Studio 1558 that I’ve i5 clocked at 2.3 ghz with 6 gb RAM and 500GB HDD). I was extremely hesitant at first from switching from windows to iOS, but i’m glad I did. The MacBook Pro is extremely fast. The bootup time is insane. It is SSD, so everything is extremely quiet compared to HDD. Below I will outline just a few of the Pros and Cons of the macbook Pro.
    – iOS is extremely user friendly and the new iOS X makes life easy as it will convert your windows files to a readable format to iOS.
    – The Laptop is made of sturdy materials that I believe will last.
    – All SSD, which equals way faster read/write times
    – The Retina display is amazing, the best i’ve ever seen
    – The all new Force trackpad is by far my favorite. i prefer it over my mouse.
    – The keyboard is sweet and addictive.
    – The overall quality and my personal satisfaction with my purchase has increased my productivity in all respect. 😉
    – Price, as u come from windows world. But it delivers upto its mark.
    – The 13.3″ is comparitively small as Windows PC come with an average high, BUT I personally like it. Too handy.
    – Apple offers high priced storage ,this may be the real worry for Windows Users, although it has SSD which is very quick.
    – The awesome quality makes you nervous about dropping it. If you do not have a protective case, your MacBook Pro has a high chance of being destroyed upon impact.
    – You might lack much customization with iOS as with windows, but it’s also a lot more stable. For a hardcore user of Windows for long time,this is best thing to be upgrade with.
    Overall Impression:
    I am overall pleased with my MacBook Pro. My friend purchased a MacBook in 2006, and it still operates fine to this day, which says a lot. The most impressive functionality for me with MacBook Pro and iOS.
    Buying Guide:
    I got it online at about 92k ,which is approx 10-15k less it you buy it from offline mode and there is no warranty issue as apple offers whole 1 yr International Warrant. So, don’t hesitate and go for online buy.
    After Buy:
    As you are buying a costly machine .So, also go for a 2 year warrant extension if your pocket allows.
    You can buy this pack from any Apple Store/Online.
    I hope you guys decide to purchase a new MacBook Pro. I ensure you you will love it. even the people coming from Windows will appreciate it, as I did. Thank you and have a great day!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    After a long thought and with little hesitation (since it is expensive), i bought this Mac from Flipkart 3 months before. Installed both windows 8.1 though boot camp and Yosemite. I’m totally satisfied with this mac and very happy with its performance for both OS. The Mac OS updates are hassle free & easy. The windows partition works like a normal windows laptop.I’ve installed visual studio with sql server 2012 and it works perfectly. The picture clarity, sound are very good. Mouse track pad is excellent. Battery back up seems to be best. For my usage it lasts easily for 9 hrs inspite of continuous internet usage.

    On working in windows, the machine gets more heated and the battery back up time goes down. Even though not much of difference, if that is corrected there will be nothing to say as con’s for this machine.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ankur Singh

    One week into the MacBook and you’ll never touch your windows PC again! I am not fond of other apple products (hate the iPhone) but this one is absolutely worth it 🙂

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Subhash K

    Top notch performance. Takes some getting used to after 15 yrs of using Windows but it is well worth it ::)

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    Rahul Sharma

    I bought this product on 15th August 2015. After a month I downloaded a game called real boxing after it started hanging a lit bit. But its now OK Plus point of this is its stunnig display.
    Secondly its OS Thirdly its Battery life. I was playing a game in it with 10% battery after sometimes it drained to 2%. I thought that it will sleep soon. But no it increased from 2% to 8%. I couldn’t belive it. Overall a very decent experience and it looks very beautiful. The only complain I have is that I wanted that apple should write mac book pro below its screen so that it could look more better.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Usha Jain

    Bought this immediately after seeing the unveiling of the late 2016 model. Losing the function keys for a toucher was a deal breaker. I use those for too often to have them be virtualized, moving around or even unavailable. The new one, while touted to be up to x faster, the numbers are based on the slowest 2015 and fastest 2016. The base model went up in price $400, which excludes any performance benefits. As a matter of fact, video is actually slower than this model, without the upgrade. The only real upgrade for the new one, before adding on options is faster memory.

    I run windows and linux VMs fairly regularly and while I could run them on a comparable Windows system, adding windows systems to an already portly windows system has never worked out well for me, so while disappointed in the new upgrades, this 2015 model still rocks VMs and does all I need it too for far less $$$. While USB-C is cool, a bag full of dongles is not. I prefer ports, especially the SD slot, which I do use regularly. With real function keys, I don’t worry about one vendor or another not upgrading fast enough and losing virtual function keys, so this model is golden. Hope Apple puts back the function keys and keeps the touch strip too. I could see it being useful for some things, but not a replacement for real function keys.

    Anyway, if you are contemplating buying one of these and they are still available, do it. They are great machines, even if the crowd loves to follow the blinky light!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Flipkart Customer

    The Product is excellent. Good Packing by Flipkart.

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