Aquaguard Hi-Flo Water Purifier (UV)



Aquaguard Hi-Flo Water Purifier (UV) Best Price

  • Capacity to hold water :
  • Purifying Technology : UV
  • Electrical type
  • filtration capacity
  • Tank  Material :
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Aquaguard Hi-Flo Water Purifier (UV) Lowest Price In India

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₹ 10490
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Most of the drinkable water available is contaminated at the current scenario, which leads to several infections and diseases. Make this Aquaguard water purifier as your daily use partner and save yourself and your loved ones from water-borne diseases. This Hi-Flo water purifier from Aquaguard keeps you healthy and provide you the freshness of purest water. It’s filtration technology makes sure that water is cleaned thoroughly.

This Aquaguard water purifier is suitable for your homes, shops, offices and restaurants so that your employees or customers drink water that is clean and hygienic. So consider this Aquaguard Hi-Flo Water Purifier (UV) Best Price in India at an all time lowest price of Rs.10870 only.

Coming to specifications of Aquaguard Hi-Flo Water Purifier (UV), it has a elegant design and runs on purifying technologies. Purifying capacity of this water purifier is while capacity to hold water is . It has a and filter types.


All the features and specifications of Aquaguard Hi-Flo Water Purifier (UV) are aggregated into tabulated format for ease of reading. Specifications are break-down under specific categories like design (shape and size), performance, power needed, filtration technologies, filter types, dimensions, tank material. All categorized specifications are as follows

Design & Size

Weight  6.5 kg
Capacity to hold water
Installation Type  Wall Mount
Model Name  Hi-Flo
Tank Material
Filter Type
Membrane Type
Electrical Type  Electrical
Other body features

Technology Features

Technology features like filtration technol0gy, star power rating, technology on which water purifier is running on Aquaguard Hi-Flo Water Purifier (UV) Best Price in India includes as given in table below. This Aquaguard water purifier utilize the best technology to clean water in the best possible manner it can.

Purifying Technology  UV (Ultra-Violet)
Filtration Capacity
Detachable Storage Tank
Auto Shut Off  Yes
Auto Restart
Overflow Protection
Other Convenience Features   Filtration / Purification Modules: Clarity Cartridge, Chemical Block, Mineral Guard, UV Chamber, Ultraviolet Lamp: 16 W, Life of UV Lamp: 5000 Burning Hours
Other technology features  Safe and Reliable, Input Water Turbidity: 15 NTU,Complete 4 Stage Purification System: This Advanced Purification System Destroys Disease Causing Bacteria, Applicable TDS Range in Input Water: 1 – 200 mg/L,Input Water Pressure (Minimum): 0.4 kg, Mineral Guard+: Micro Controller Based Electronic Impulse Producer Prevents Scaling on the Quartz Glass Tube of the UV Reflector Housing, Keeping Water Purifier Functioning Effectively,Global UV Technology of G.RO.UV.TH and E-Boiling+ Technology to Electronically Boil Water,Virus and Impurities to Water,Input Water Chlorine: 2 ppm,Plus More, Input Water Pressure (Maximum): 2 kg,Protozoa and other Impurities, Viruses,Dimension: 355 x 102.5 x 307 mm, Unique E-Boiling+: Every Drop of Water Boiled for 20 min, Recommended for Municipal / Corporation / Sweet Tasting Water,It Eliminates all Disease Causing Bacteria and Input Water Iron: 0.3 mg/L, Leak Proof Performance>

Power & Performance Features

How much power and electrical voltages are required to operate this Aquaguard Hi-Flo Water Purifier (UV) Best Price in India are given below. Details about purification stages, TDS, maximum water inlet temperature, minimum water inlet temperature, water flow rate etc. are as follows

Power needed 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 35 W
Purification stages  4
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) levels
Cold water Dispenser  No
Hot Water Dispenser  No
Maximum Input Water Temperature  40 degree C
Minimum Input Water Temperature  10 degree C
Water Flow Rate  NA
Child Lock

Aquaguard Hi-Flo Water Purifier (UV) Best Price in India : Other Features

Brand Aquaguard
Warranty 1 Year Manufaturer Warranty
Service Type  On-site warranty service
Other warranty Features Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only. No Physical defect is covered. (Refer manufacturer for final information on warranty)

Aquaguard Hi-Flo Water Purifier (UV) Best Price in India : Price Comparison

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