QLED – A new innovation in Television by Samsung – Diff between OLED and QLED?

QLED also stands for Quantum dot emitting diode. QLED Tvs are promoted by Samsung as a new technology in India which are unveiled in Paris in starting of the year. These televisions make use of Quantum dots or semiconductor nanocrystals in displays. This technology would be similar to OLED displays by LG, in which light is emitted on demand, which would enable more efficient displays. QLED Televisions can be referred as next generation technology after OLED televisions.

Difference between Samsung QLED and LG OLED TVs

Now we can say that LED televisions are not good enough anymore. LG named their high end television models as OLED while Samsung branded their top models as QLED tv. They look almost similar but they are whole different technologies. Basic difference are listed as follows

  1. OLED TVs by LG use panels of OLEDs to both generate and illuminate the picture while QLED TVs use LCD panels and LED backlight arrays, like many high-end LED TVs.
  2. Each pixel on an OLED panel is produced entirely by the OLEDs themselves, determining the color of that pixel and causing it to produce light while QLED TVs use Samsung’s Quantum Dots technology for its LCD panels. Quantum Dots are nanoparticles that emit or alter light at different frequencies when exposed to electricity.
  3. OLED TVs are often described as having “infinite” contrast—no matter how bright the screen can get, the black level is always zero while QLED TV contrast is still a big concern—the technology doesn’t appear to produce the perfect black levels that OLED panels can.

Samsung QLED TVs are available in five models in India in both flat and curved screens with a similar design and specifications. Samsung claims that the TV has achieved 100% colour volume over the 68% colour volume offered by a normal OLED. The company also says that QLED’s offer higher contrast and is better compatible with HDR.

Design of Samsung QLED TVs

Keep the next generation technology aside, design of Samsung QLED TVs are almost same as what they presented last year. Instead of ports at the back, this time Samsung is making use of a connector box. Connector box and television will be connected to each other. So no more wires coming from your TV. Just put all the input and output cables in the connector box.

Samsung QLED Frame Design

Samsung is making use of wall mounted frames this time. So that your Samsung QLED TV does not look odd on the wall while mounted. With these frames it will look similar to artistic paintings hanged on the walls. Frames can be changed as per your requirement. You can use your own image as a frame.

Samsung QLED Tvs are running on a Tizen based OS, which is minimal from the get go and can be operated using a single universal remote. Samsung stated that the Operating system detects almost all set top boxes and game consoles, sound bars and what not and all can be used via the One Remote. To achieve this the TV accesses the metadata of the connected devices, helping it to connect and control the devices easily.

Samsung QLED TVs availability in India

Five models are currently available in India namely Samsung QLED Q7, Q7F, Q8, Q8C, and Q9. Samsung Q7, Q8, Q8C, and Q9 will be available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch panel sizes, the Samsung Q7F will only be available in 55-inch and 65-inch panel sizes.

Samsung QLED Q8C model

                                                                         Samsung QLED Q8C model specifications

Samsung QLED TV - Model Q7F

                                                                    Samsung QLED TV – Model Q7F specifications

A pre-booking offer is announced for users to delight the purchase. A brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will be given free on bookings from 2nd May to 21 May, 2017. Also make a note that freebie (S8+) will be provided in gold colour.

Price of Samsung QLED TVs in India

These 5 models are available in the same range as LG OLED televisions. Priced higher in India almost double the US charges. Samsung QLED TVs are available in the price range of Rs.2,99,900 to Rs.4,49,900.

QLED TV samsung Galaxy S8 offer

Price of Samsung QLED Models are as follows : (S8 Plus Freebie offer available on all)

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