Samsung acquires another AI startup Fluenty to improve Bixby

Samsung Electronics recently inks a deal to acquire South Korea based artificial intelligence startup, ‘Fluenty‘ to improve Bixby, which is Samsung’s take on the pocket assistant, combining machine learning, voice assistance, visual help and more into an all-encompassing helper, according to a news published in The Korea Herald.

Fluenty acquired for Bixby

In a blog post at the time, Eui-Suk Chung, executive vice president and head of Service Intelligence of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, said that

“Bixby 2.0 will be a fundamental leap forward for digital assistants and represents another important milestone to transform our digital lives.”

Nobody can deny the fact that, Bixby does not make a wonderful debut with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and does not receive that positive reviews which was expected from a virtual assistant that too from the house of Samsung. But, Samsung does want to stop here and got bigger plans for Bixby. Acquisition of Fluenty will allow Samsung to integrate it’s conversational artificial intelligence into Bixby, improving Bixby’s conversational capabilities. Also make a note that, last year also Samsung acquired US based Viv Labs, an artificial intelligence startup from the persons behind Siri. Looking into these acquisitions, it is clear that South Korean Giant is looking for broader scope for Bixby.

Fluenty, which made headlines in 2015 when they rolled out a conversation assistant that understands both Korean as well as English language. In year 2016, it participated in Samsung’s startup incubator program and got $918,000 funding as an outcome. Fluenty now supports chat apps such as KakaoTalk, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Line. In short, it is a canned chatbot the provides artificial intelligent replies to the SMS and texts.

Fluenty app is now removed from Google Play Store and that means life of this app is over as independent body. It will now merge into Bixby, making Bixby more fluent and conversational. Meanwhile, Samsung does not disclose much about the acquisition but it can assumed that Fluenty might prove as correct match for Bixby 2.0.


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