Samsung Synthesizes Graphene Balls to charge your smartphone battery five times faster

Samsung Electronics research branch, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) recently develops ‘graphene balls’ that can charge lithium-ion batteries five faster than earlier. On top of that these graphene balls keen to increase overall capacity of battery by over 45 percent. According to company, earlier lithium-ion batteries took one hour to charge, with graphene balls same battery can be charged only in 12 minutes.

samsung graphene balls in batteries

Graphene can do wonders for your smartphone battery charging, thanks to newly innovated technology

In simpler terms, Graphene is a is a thin layer of pure carbon tightly packed in honeycomb hexagonal lattice. When a chemical vapor deposition process grows into graphene-silica assembly, they are termed as graphene balls. When these Samsung developed graphene balls will be instilled in a smartphone, users will be able to quickly charge their smartphone and a single charge will last for more than a day, said company.

Samsung got the patents of this technology in South Korea as well as in US. Great point here is that graphene balls powered lithium-ion batteries maintains a temperature of around 60 degree Celsius and same temperature is required in electric cars. Although we already have quick charge features on smartphones of OnePlus known as dash charge and Huawei’s supercharge but graphene balls will improve the performance of battery by huge margins.

However, it is not announced that when and which Samsung mobile phone will include this type of battery in function. Scientist said that after 500 cycles of charging, new battery would have 78 percent charge retention and that is really awesome. This technology is still in it’s birth stage but might have greater advantages and multiple usage. Looking the article, it can be concluded that these graphene ball powered batteries will have certain applications like smartphones, electric cars, smart watches etc.

Again make a note that, technology is in experimental stage and we might not see these in our smartphone very soon. Still, Kudos to Samsung for developing these batteries which will be useful for users in near future. Feel free to share your views on Samsung’s newly developed graphene ball batteries.

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