Samsung Mall – Things You Need to Know

With the launch of Galaxy On7 Prime in India, Samsung offered another innovative products to the users named as Samsung Mall. In simpler terms, it is a product search and shopping service with some innovative features like Visual and Voice search. Today we will tell you what actually is Samsung Mall, How does it work, What is Visual Search, How to do shopping with Samsung Mall? All your questions related to Samsung Mall will be answered one by one.

Image search on Samsung Mall

This is how Image search works directly through Camera Snap

What is Samsung Mall?

Samsung Mall is an revolutionary way of shopping for your favorite products. It is a product comparison platform which allow users to compare and review various products with different methods of searches. South Korean company along with launch of Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime, dedicated this service to the handset users. At this point of time, only Galaxy On7 Prime is supported to use the service of Samsung Mall.

It change the way you shop for your desired items online, as it utilizes the visual and voice search for looking out your product. However, service is limited to few partner e-Commerce stores in India. With Samsung Mall, you can look for product by image search, voice search, category browsing and text search.

Suppose you look a product somewhere, just click the picture and Samsung Mall will go through all partner e-Commerce stores to find similar to that picture products for you. Universal cart can be used to compare different commodities at a single platform.

How Does Samsung Mall Works?

Company has partnered with several e-stores to make this service more convenient. Partner e-stores include the names of Amazon India,, and at this point of time. May be in later stages, more online stores will be added to this list.

partner stores and quick features of Samsung Mall

Quick Features and Partner Online Stores

Working is very much simple. Users need to search for the item they want either by clicking a picture or upload image from gallery, user can do a voice search or text input will also work. Once you provide the instruction in any format said above, Mall will look out all the partner e-stores database to find similar products of your image or input. For more better results, you should provide your regional interest location. Choose the products and add them to Universal cart to review later.

After finalization of your product, you can check out the product. You will be redirected to the partner stores but within the app only, make the payment and purchase is done. Payments are done on partner websites and company does not receive any payments for the purchase.

It allow users to track their orders within the Samsung Mall as well. But for cancellations, returns and refunds, you need to go to the respective e-stores.

What is Visual Search on Samsung Mall?

Visual Search is a term used here for making a search using image. Here, you can input image through available methods to perform the look out. There are various methods to input images such as clicking a picture of product from camera, select the image from gallery and click on Bixby or Samsung Mall icon.

Visual search on Samsung Mall

Demo of Visual Search

Best feature we like about Visual search is that it don’t push you to open Samsung Mall everytime you want to look out for shopping online. Instead, while using camera, you will see a icon to directly search your clicked picture on partner e-stores. Same icon is also available in Gallery as well.

So, you upload an image through any of the ways talked above and it will automatically look out products similar to your image through all the e-retailers, company has partnered with.

Apart from Visual search, you can use Voice search through mic icon on homepage. Text search option is also available for your convenience of online shopping. Categorization and deals browsing are some additional features offered by the service.

What is Universal cart on Samsung Mall?

Universal cart is a similar to any e-Commerce store cart, only difference is adding of products from different e-retailers. When you look out for item through Samsung Mall, it shows similar items on different e-stores if available. There you can check the prices and add products to the Universal cart. Here you can review and compare same products aggregated from different online stores. Finally go for a check out and make the payment on store website.

It is a innovative way to make your shopping experience more seamless and convenient. Remember that, Samsung does not store your payment info, neither it receive any payments for the purchases.

Which Online Stores can be compared on Samsung Mall?

Currently, Samsung has partnered with only four online stores in India. These four e-stores include, Amazon India, and

Company said that we are working on getting more e-Commerce retailers to the platform and same will be notified to the users. We would love to see on Samsung Mall in near future.

How to Use Samsung Mall?

We are listing the full process in steps so that each and every reader can easily get the idea and how to board on this service. This includes registration process, searching of a product online, finding your product, adding to the cart and make the final purchase.

  • First of all, get an supported device, as Samsung Mall is currently supported on Galaxy On7 Prime only but we can see more supported Samsung Mobile Phones in the future.
  • Open Samsung Mall App, Go to Profile section and tap on Sign Up.
  • Enter your mobile number and verify OTP. If you already have a Samsung account, you can bypass this step.
  • Input your instruction through any of the available ways including visual search, voice search and text search.
  • It will show similar products through all the partner e-Commerce websites.
  • Add them by your choice to the Universal cart of Samsung Mall App.
  • Compare, Review, Remove in the cart. Choose final product.
  • Click on Place Order. You will be directed to the partner website, login and make payment. Samsung Mall is not interested in payment details and payments.
  • Track your order in the profile section. History of placed order can be seen in profile tab.
  • For cancellations, refunds and modifications, refer to the respective e-retailer.

These are all of the things you need to know about Samsung Mall. If have further queries, feel free to ask in comments below.

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