Should I switch to Redmi Note 4 from Redmi Note 3 ?

Xiaomi recently launched it’s 4th version of Redmi Note smartphone known as Redmi Note 4. Already Redmi Note 3 was crowned as most successful smartphone of the year 2016. New version of Redmi Note have made few changes but not enough to introduce a new phone with almost same features. However, few changes are noticeable. So question arises, Should I switch to Redmi Note 4 from Redmi Note 3 ?

should I switch to Redmi Note 4 from Redmi Note 3 or not

                Redmi Note 3 Vs Redmi Note 4

We will discuss some comparisons between these smartphones which will help you to decide whether to switch to Redmi Note 4 or not.

Look and Finish

At the first glance you will not find any difference in looks of Redmi Note 3 or Redmi Note 4. But wait, there are few changes to design. Few additions on Redmi Note 4 like a curved 2.5D glass on the front and bottom-firing mono speaker make it different from previous edition. So you will find the newer version more premium only on close vigilance. According to design you can’t switch to Redmi Note 4.


Instead of an upgrade, Xiaomi preferred a downgrade to processor of Redmi Note 4. Xiaomi has opted for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC octa core processor on the Redmi Note 4, while Note 3 have Snapdragon 650 SoC hexa core processor. But, on Redmi Note 4 you have octa cores clocked at 2GHz and Redmi Note 3 have hexa cores with clock speed of 1.8GHz. That stands both at equal position. So you not find any difference while using both the editions. So on processor basis there is no need to switch to Redmi Note 4.

Note : Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC processor is also available in Lenovo P2 and Moto Z Play. Both are priced higher than Redmi Note 4.

RAM & Storage

Redmi Note 4 gets an increase in RAM as well as internal storage as 4 GB and 64 GB respectively. Although phone is also available with 3 GB and 2 GB variants. Prices of these variants varies from 9999 to 12999. This can be a reason to switch to Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 from Redmi Note 3. Not enough.


Redmi Note 3 got a 16 megapixel rear camera but not that awesome with the quality and phone faced a little criticism due to camera. While, Redmi Note 4 backs a 13 megapixel rear camera with improved quality and certain features like phase detection auto focus, improvised color capture etc. Selfie camera remains to be 5 megapixel and do the job decently. But in reality, it is hard to notice much difference in camera quality of both the redmi smartphones. No need to switch to Redmi Note 4 for the sake of little improvised camera.


Battery size got a slight up in Redmi Note 4 to 4100 mAH from 4050 mAH in Redmi Note 3. It is matched with proper processor 625 SoC and results in slight longer battery life by reducing it’s consumption.

All other features almost remains same. See Redmi Note 3 Detailed Specifications, Price Comparison or See Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Specifications, Lowest Price in India.

On final note, If you already own a Redmi Note 3 then our advice is to hold on to it rather to switch to Redmi Note 4. But if you do not own a Redmi Note 3 and interested in buying redmi smartphone then Redmi Note 4 got a complete package for you at very low prices. Share your views on it with us in comments.

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