Top UPI apps by Banks in India, Working and Links to download

Demonitization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes on 8th November, 2016 have forced the country to stand in long queues for new currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.2000 infront of banks as well as ATMs. RBI stepped in to ease out the burden of payments and allowed banks to release their Unified Payment Interface (UPI) apps for easy and faster transcations. Till now more than 25 Top UPI apps are released in the app stores for customers. We will try to list all of them along with their download links.

How Top UPI apps work

UPI – Easy and fast payment transfer

What is UPI app and How they work ?

UPI is advanced version of IMPS but it does not require additional informations like IFSC code, Bank Account number, Netbanking username and passwords etc. to send money. Your uniquely created username on Top UPI apps is used to make online payments. It is faster than NEFT or any other mode of payment.

UPI is an step taken by National Payments Corporation of India with extended support of Reserve Bank of Indian and Indian Banks Association to ease out the tedious requirements during any online payment. It is an important step towards digitalization of India.

UPI an step towards digitalization

UPI -future of payments in India

How Top UPI apps work ?

Install any of the Top UPI apps from playstore or Apple store and register with your mobile number linked to your bank account. You will be asked to make an unique identifier username which will be used to make online payments. You are done. Now you can send and receive money from anyone using your Virtual Payment Address (Your unique username).

Suppose you took an auto and fare is around Rs.60. Tell auto driver to receive payment through Top UPI apps. He will ask for your unique identifier username and requests Rs.60. You will get notification for authentication on your smartphone. Once you authenticate it, Rs.60 will be deducted from your account and same will be transferred to auto driver’s bank account. Easy, yes it is very much. You will be habitual to it after two or three attempts.

Steps to Register on Top UPI Apps

  1. First of all, install your favourite Banks UPI app from links given below. (Not necessary to opt for your own Bank’s UPI App).
  2. Verify Your mobile number which is registered with Your Bank. One Time Password will be sent to your mobile. (If you have no mobile number attached to bank account or mobile number not in service, you need to attach mobile number first. )
  3. Choose Your Bank.
  4. Now complete registration details like Username, Name and other details. Username can be anything like your name or mobile number and should not be already taken by someone else. For example, SBI users, [email protected] might be a username. Just replace ajay2423 with your desired name or mobile number.
  5. Your bank account will be auto linked or in some apps you need to authenticate using link my account.
  6. You are good to go now. Send and receive money to your contacts or by entering unique username.
  7. Receiver must be valid else money will return to your account within 5 working days.

Steps for UPI registration

Benefits of Top UPI Apps over e-Wallets

UPI introduction has certainly adverse effect on wallet companies. UPI will try to fade the sunshine of wallets. Because RBI has denied wallet companies like Freecharge, Paytm, Mobikwik, Oxigen to launch their UPI apps. There are four basic advantages of UPI apps over wallet apps.

  1. You need your mobile number that is registered with your Bank and you get the whole bank in Your UPI App.
  2. No need to add money to the UPI app while wallets first ask to add amount into your respective wallets and then you can transfer it to your friend’s or merchants. UPI is direct access to your bank account so no need of adding amount to app. Just Tap and trasfer.
  3. Wallets have limits of transferring money per day basis while UPI app does not hold any such limits.
  4. You can use Wallets at select approved merchants. While UPI is acceptable through the country as long as the receiver has the unique identifier.

List of Top UPI Apps from Different Banks in India

According to NPCI guidelines, every bank is notified to introduce their UPI App into the market. So that burden of cash availability can be reduced throughout the country. Around 25 banks have already introduced their UPIs and others are still working on it to launch their apps. Some apps are available for apple users while most have not released for iOS still. Once they release it for iOS, links will be updated for apple store as well.

Now we will list Top UPI apps provided by multiple banks across the country and brief introduction to them along with their download links from app stores.

Top UPI Apps #1 – SBI Pay

SBI Pay is an UPI app provided from State Bank of India. Make payments easier using Virtual Payment Address(VPA) Pay & collect in SBI Pay.

Top Upi Apps #2 – PNB UPI

Punjab National Bank (PNB) provided it’s very own UPI app. Punjab National Bank offers UPI application for the customers of Indian banks to register with the bank and link their accounts of other banks as well. Customer shall be able to Pay and receive money from their contacts.

Top UPI Apps #3 – HDFC Bank Mobile Banking

HDFC Bank Mobile Banking is an UPI app from HDFC. It gives access to your accounts on your very own smartphone and allows to make hassle free payments.

Top UPI Apps #4 – Pockets by ICICI Bank

ICICI allows UPI payments on it’s much hyped e-wallet named as Pockets. In addition to UPI payments it also allow you to create a virtual card to shop anywhere without actually taking your debit cards or credit cards with you.

Top UPI Apps #5 – Axis Bank UPI App

Axis bank launched it’s UPI app named as Axis Pay UPI App. A Unified Payments Interface(UPI) application that lets you transfer funds from any bank account using a Virtual Payment Address (VPA). No need to remember beneficiary details like account number, IFSC etc. Send or Ask for money using a Virtual Payment Address.

Top UPI Apps #6 – Andhra Bank UPI App

Andhra Bank One is UPI app from the end of Andhra Bank. Explore the world of mobile innovation with our Andhra Bank UPI App that turns your smartphone into a Bank for easy money transfers. This is a mobile solution that aims at less-cash and more digital society which leads to creation of new solutions in Banking and Financial Services.

Top UPI Apps #7 – Union Bank of India UPI App

Union Bank UPI app is provided by Union Bank for customers.UPI Application allows customer to instantly transfer money to someone else using the IMPS payment framework, without having to know their bank account number or IFSC code. All you need is their virtual identity, which could be [email protected] (just as an example), or [email protected] (just replace 1234567890 with your phone number here).

Top UPI Apps #8 – PhonePe UPI App (Powered by Yes Bank)

PhonePe UPI app is a product offered by Flipkart which is powered by Yes Bank. PhonePe is a one stop destination for UPI-based app which can serve all your payment needs, in a safe and secure manner.

Top UPI Apps - PhonePe

PhonePe powered by Yes Bank – Top UPI Apps

Top UPI Apps #9 – UCO Bank UPI App

UCO UPI is another smart UPI app provided by UCO Bank.UCO Bank is a commercial Bank and a Government of India undertaking and providing various services to its customers.

Top UPI Apps #10 – Canara Bank UPI App

eMpower – Canara Bank UPI App is another official UPI app. Canara Bank offers Unified Payment Interface (UPI) app named “eMpower”. This app empowers Canara Bank and other Bank customers to perform pay and collect transactions using a single mobile app.

Top UPI Apps #11 – Bank of Maharashtra UPI App

Bank of Maharashtra introduces MAHA UPI app for it’s customers. As day by day there is rise in mobile banking transactions therefore MahaUPI has been developed to connect all the payments across smart phones.

Top UPI Apps #12 – United Bank of India UPI App

United Bank of India launches United UPI app to pace out via smartphone payments. Any Bank, One app, United UPI. Instant pay/collect fund from all Banks. Go cashless.

Top UPI Apps #13 – South Indian Bank UPI App

SIB M-Pay UPI Pay app is provided to users by South Indian Bank. It offers you a complete range of financial transactions. You can send/receive funds 24X7 to any bank, top up your Prepaid mobile, Recharge your DTH services, Merchant Payments etc with SIB M-Pay. No additional charges for these services.

Top UPI Apps #14 – Vijaya Bank UPI App

Vijaya UPI is app provided by Vijaya Bank. Vijaya Bank offers UPI application for the customers of Indian banks to register with the bank and link their accounts of other banks as well. Customer shall be able to Pay and initiated collect money requests to their contacts. Payment Address is an abstract form to represent and identify the account details, and account details remain confidential. By adding accounts of different banks, customer can manage the account in single platform.

Top UPI Apps #15 – Karnataka Bank UPI App

KBL Smartz UPI is introduced by Karnataka Bank in India. It is an UPI supported app which facilitates customers to add own and other Bank accounts linked to his/her registered mobile number. Customer can initiate payment ( push ) and collect ( pull ) fund transfer request based on virtual ID, Aadhar number , Bank account number with IFSC code, Mobilenumber with MMID.

Top UPI Apps #16 – Oriental Bank of Commerce UPI App

OBC UPI PSP is an app launched by Oriental Bank of Commerce on guidelines of NPCI. App facilitates customers to add OBC and other Bank accounts linked to his/her registered mobile number. Customer can initiate payment ( push ) and collect ( pull ) fund transfer request based on Virtual ID or Bank account number with IFSC code.

Top UPI Apps #17 – DCB Bank UPI App

DCB Bank also launched it’s very own UPI App. It works same as other banks UPI apps.

Top UPI Apps #18 – Federal Bank UPI App

Lotza UPI is provided by Federal Bank to customers for fast and hassle free payments on their smartphones. LOTZA enable payments through Virtual ID through the Unified payments interface (UPI) which has been rolled out by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) LOTZA is one of the few UPI PSP App approved by NPCI. Banking is now more secured through LOTZA.

Top UPI Apps #19 – Bank of Baroda UPI App

Bank of Baroda named its UPI App as Baroda MPay. Unified Payments Interface(UPI) application that lets you transfer funds from any bank account using a Virtual Payment Address (VPA). No need to remember beneficiary details like account number, IFSC etc. Send or Ask for money using a Virtual Payment Address.

Top UPI Apps #20 – The Catholic Syrian Bank UPI App

The Catholic Syrian Bank Limited launches CSB Mobile as it’s UPI App. It also works on same interface as other UPI apps work.

Top UPI Apps #21 – Thane Janata Sahkari Bank UPI App

TJSB launches it’s UPI app named as TranZapp. TranZapp facilitates you to transfer and receive money instantly from anyone, anywhere by using virtual ID’s, without any hassle to remember account details of the beneficiary.

Top UPI Apps #22 – IDFC Bank UPI App

IDFC Bank also introduced it’s own UPI App. UPI a.k.a Unified Payment Interface is the solution to that nightmare-like process of transferring your own funds to someone’s account and this app works on this principle.

Top UPI Apps #23 – Allahabad Bank UPI App

Allahabad Bank also introduces it’s very own UPI App. Allahabad Bank presents Unified Payments Interface (UPI) application which simplifies electronic payment. The ALB UPI facilitates real time sending and receiving money on 24X7 basis. The UPI Application allows customer to transfer money to a beneficiary instantly, without knowing their bank account number or IFSC code using Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

Top UPI Apps #24 – UPI Bank Transfer with Friends

This is an general UPI app not provided by any bank. It has additional option of split and settle.

Top UPI Apps #25 – Trupay UPI App

Again not from any bank but still an UPI App named as TruPay. Send and receive money where you actually want it – in your bank account. Instantly! No intermediaries. No delays. No top up hasseles and locking up your money in e-wallets. Your money remains in your bank account earning interest.

We might have missed some Top UPI apps from different banks or company. Either they have not released the UPI app and they are planning to launch it very soon. We will update the list when new UPI apps will be launched. You can also notify us in comments to particular bank if it has already released. We will add that to the list.

We respect your privacy and take seriously to protect it. Rest assured.

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