Upcoming Nokia Phones in 2018, Nokia 4 and Nokia 7 Plus also spotted through Nokia’s Camera App

A list of upcoming Nokia smartphones in 2018 have emerged through Nokia’s Default Camera App. The APK crackdown of Camera App reveals that Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 4 phones are in the pipeline and might join the Nokia family in 2018. Apart from these, Nokia 1 and Nokia 9 are also spotted on the app information. The actual manufacturer HMD Global is not leaving any stone unturned to mark the successful comeback of Nokia.

upcoming nokia phones 2018

Last year, several devices like Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 3310 were launched in global market. On the same note, we are expecting atleast eight smartphones this year. Nokia 9 is already confirmed through FCC certification and certain key specifications are also out. Few days back, rumors suggested that Nokia 1 with Android Go should launch in March 2018, probably the first smartphone to feature Oreo Go edition.

Two new devices are spotted today when we unpacked APK file of Nokia’s default camera app installed on Nokia 5 running Android Oreo version 8.0210.20. App shows certain monikers of Nokia 4 and Nokia 7 Plus. Not only these, Nokia 1 and Nokia 9 monikers are also there. It also reveals some other stuff such as features like Telephoto mode, Pro Mode, and shutter speed control on the app. See image for more information

nokia 4 and nokia 7 plus camera app leak

Unzipping APK file of Nokia camera app shows names of upcoming nokia phones in 2018

Except, names of these devices on Camera App, we don’t know anything about the smartphones. Other smartphones that are likely to launch in 2018 are Nokia 6 (2018) and Nokia 8 (2018) which are upgraded variants of previously launched Nokia 6 and Nokia 8 handsets.

Nokia 7 Plus which will be a pro variant of Nokia 7 might feature similar specifications with few quick changes such as featuring Qualcomm Snapdagon 660 chipset in the latest one. However, unearthed Nokia 4 will be a whole new device.

Recently, 4G variant of Nokia 3310 got listed for TENNA certification and it is on the cards for making early launch in 2018. Looks like HMD global has bigger plans for customers in this year and we too are excited for the same. Nothing is known about the pricing of any of the rumored Nokia handset yet. But very soon the mystery will unfold.

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