USB OTG Support On Mobiles and it’s usage

Great things are often overlooked due to their names, same happens in case of USB OTG support on mobiles. USB OTG (On the GO) can do a lot of smart stuff for you. But most of us do not know about it and its functionality.

First, all mobile device do not have USB OTG Support and it has to be added by manufacturer. You can check it by scrolling specifications of a mobile on our website.

USB OTG Support

USB OTG Support is a feature of your mobile which allows your mobile to talk or interact with other mobiles and drives directly. Earler, mobiles could only connect to personal computers.

Official Logo of USB OTG Support

Certified Logo of USB OTG

When you purchase a mobile, you will see official logo of USB OTG support on the box of the mobile else you can find it in specifications.

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How to Use USB OTG ?

You can use USB OTG support feature on your device with the help of an OTG (on the go) cable. Most smartphones came with this cable inside inbox accessories. If not, then you need to purchase a USB OTG support cable.

USB OTG Cable Example

Doable Things by USB OTG

There are lot of usage of USB OTG support and it allow you to do lot of things and easifying your life. We will discuss few out of them here.

Connect Mouse and Keyboards

Most common and typical use of USB OTG is connecting a keyboard or mouse to your mobile. Yes, it is possible to use full size keyboards and mouses with your smartphone and maximize the usability of smartphone.

No additional settings are required to make to use keyboards and mouses. Just plug in your input device like mouse and you will se a cursor on your tablet device and use it just like a PC. Great to use in case screen is broken.

Connect Flash Drives and HDDs

Earlier, we use to connect hard disk or pen drive to our mobile and then copy the content. Then only you were able to use that content. But it is not the case in USB OTG.

Just plug in any flash drive, USB drive, Hard Disk Drive and access it through your file manager without copying its content to your device. So, always keep extra GBs and access them on the GO with USB OTG support.

Connect DSLRs

Just connect your mobile or tablet to DSLR and enjoy big screens, access photos, capture photos. It is great one for the persons having DSLR cameras.

Connect Video Game Joysticks/Gamepads

Now you can connect Video game controllers, Joysticks, Gamepads like Xbox 360 controller and enjoy video games on mobile device with USB OTG support. Heavy gamers, make sure you check OTG on mobile before purchasing a mobile or tablet.

There are lot of other uses like print your documents, connecting audio inputs and so on. Tell us what fancy you are doing with USB OTG support on your device.

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