[Fixed] VoLTE is still a Myth on Coolpad Mega Mobile

Coolpad has advertised its very New Coolpad Mega 2.5D smartphone with full VoLTE support. Phone comes exclusive with amazon but all promises fails to be true. VoLTE is still a myth on Coolpad Mega Mobile.

Coolpad Mega does not support volte

VoLTE is still myth – False promise by Coolpad

Many users on the internet and coolpad official forums and social networking sites are complaining them that coolpad mega 2.5D does not support VoLTE. So our Team tried to find out the what is this fuss about, whether it is true or false ?

VoLTE is much needed feature after launch of Reliance Jio and Reliance Jio Welcome Offer. You can’t sell a phone in India if it does not support Voice over LTE. So every new phone that is released in India have VoLTE on priority basis for example Moto E3 Power. Old smartphones are also including VoLTE through software updates.

We ordered Coolpad Mega from amazon and it was delivered within time frame. Nicely packed and device looks promising with nice surface finish except for size, it feels a little bit bigger because other 5.5 inch screen phone for example Redmi Note 3 are relatively smaller.

Without wasting time, Sim tray ejector was removed and Jio sim was inserted without any other Sim. Signals came out quickly and data was turned on. Everything works fine except some lag when switching home screens despite of 3GB Ram on device and sometimes back button does not work.

We went to Settings > Cellular Networks > and we found a special button for VoLTE named as Enhanced 4G LTE mode, when it is turned on, HD icon will display on screen and When it is turned off HD icon will disappear. Means you can switch on/off VoLTE when ever you require to do so.

We make a call from Jio sim and it works fine. Then second and third call was made to some of our friends and nothing wrong found out. VoLTE was working fine. We thought that there is no issue like we thought earlier. So we started exploring other features on the coolpad Mega and found Android Marshmallow operating system, c-button ( seems useful when back button does not work), 1.0GHz quad core processor on MediaTEk chip. For 3GB RAM, it is not appropriate, they would have included octa core processor.

After some time, We again make a call (not made to test anything, just regular call to our friend) but call ended without any error. We tried again and call ended. We tried for almost 15 to 20 times and call ends without any message. (It does not say whether busy or switched off, it just ends). HD icon was showing and settings was cross checked and VoLTE was on. Tried calls again but nothing works.

We though that it might be an error and we rebooted the device. Again VoLTE calls works fine. But after some time, same thing happens again calls just ends. We thought that it might be a bug. Now Enhanced 4G LTE mode was turned off and then turned on again. Now calls seems to work again. We were able to make calls. But after some time span, same problem calls ends and No VoLTE calls were made. Again repeated steps of VoLTE switch on/off and it works for some time and then stops.

We checked wireless update and we found a new update version 19 (around 23mb size). Now it may fix the issue, so we updated the device to this version but problem not solved.

We decided to call Coolpad Customer Care, they were not able to understand the problem and replied that Coolpad Mega supports VoLTE and there is no issue like that.

Many users are complaining regarding the issue, then there must be some problem in device. So it was not device specific issue. We then decided to dig deeper into this.

We contacted Coolpad Official forums and posted issue. Although, no comments were made by administrator of the forum. But super moderator of the forum, said that try rebooting and resetting the device. We resetted the device. But problem still persists. Moderator said that issue has been forwarded to the team.

Now it is time to return the device and Amazon being really helpful there and Amazon asked to move to service center or call customer care.

We again contacted Coolpad Customer Care, A lady picked up the call and we explains the issue to her. She said that it is a issue in Jio sim not in our device. We explained if it is a issue in Jio sim then how we are able to make calls for sometime and we have also tried Jio sim in other devices and every thing works fine. She then ask to factory reset the device, we told her that already we have resetted the device 4 or 5 times but issue does not solve. She said you need to reset your device else leave it as it is. There is no problem in our Device.

That was perfectly unprofessional of her. We requested to please connect us with some one on the developer team or please forward the issue to the developer team. But she denied by saying that we can’t connect you with developers.

Conclusion is this that Coolpad is not ready to accept the problem in VoLTE feature on their device at any cost then how will they overcome with the solutions.

So we explained everything to amazon and they accepted to replace the device despite of their policies. Thumbs up for Amazon. New product was sent and problem of VoLTE still there in this new device.

What Users say about VoLTE on coolpad Mega ?

A user gmohith11 on Coolpad Official Forums said

Bro volte is not working
I too cant make a call its not saying that lines are busy when i preesed dail then call will be placed and automatically call ends

Another user shanky86 on coolpad official forums said

i have same problem coolpad is making customes fool as they have different baseband of volte thats why this problem coming.. only incoming no outgoing from jio sim

i purchase mega last 10 days back for my mom but when i receive phone i was surprised by its quality and looks but some more surprise is coming after inserting jio and vodafone sim..only jio data n incoming working no outgoing calls from jio sim to use outgoing i installed jio app for calling but that is not a solution so i ask for replacement and on 14sep i receive replacement but again same problem no voice over LTE.

PLEASE DONT BUY COOLPAD MEGA 2.5 if you are buying for jio sim.

Another user sandeep.varshne from Coolpad Official forums said

They are expert in making user fools by repeating such non-sense. They did it in case of Note 3 Series and they are repeating it with Mege 2.5D. Just tall claims, zero on ground!

Another user anurag07 said

I do have same problem while making Volte call so, when can we expect version update from coolpad

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No VolTE on coolpad Mega

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Some Reviews on VoLTE from Amazon Reviews

You can use VoLTE search term in reviews of coolpad mega 2.5D to find relevant reviews.

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Final words, If you are buying it For Jio Sim then don’t buy. Else it is a good device on 7K price tag.

Quick Fix to Coolpad Mega VoLTE Problem

  • SCROLL DOWN AND ENTER “MTK_Engineermode”.
  • IN “IMS” SELECT “Registration”.
  • IN “Registration”,SCROLL DOWN AND SELECT “VoLTE_Setting_SIP_Force_USE_UDP”.
  • DONE. NOW exit from engineer mode and Reboot the Phone.

Above fix is suggested by one of our reader Kiran Rohit in comments. Thanks mate for sharing the fix.

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