What makes Redmi Note 3 most successful in India in 2016

Increasing number of mobile phone manufacturers results into launch of new smartphones every week. When a phone launches it gets high on people’s mind for a shorter period of time. Just after the launch of another smartphone, it’s hangover starts loosen out. But it is not true in case of Redmi Note 3, which has been the best performer and it’s hangover never lightens. Even it is reaching heights of success with every new day. What are the basic reasons behind success of Redmi Note 3 ? Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone, Why ? Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 most popular smartphone, best possible reasons ? We will try to answer all these questions in this topic.

Redmi Note 3 most successful

     Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone

Xiaomi reports 1.75 million sales of Redmi Note 3 in India. According to Xiaomi, the sale of smartphone has been outstanding and does not see any dip in sales till date. Phone is consistently performing well in Indian market. Well that might be true, because according to some official reports, every 9th smartphone in India is none other than most successful Redmi Note 3. So, We concluded a small survey on 30 Redmi Note 3 Users and noted their responses. We will try to accumulate them in points

Best Price tag for great Specifications

Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone have a 5.5 inch IPS Full HD display with screen resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. Pixel Density is 401 PPI (pixel per inch). Redmi Note 3 is powered with Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53 & Dual-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A72 Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 chipset along with 2GB/3GB RAM. While the internal storage is 16GB/32GB that can be expanded with the help of memory cards (thanks to hybrid slot on the device). Fingerprint scanner with quick unlock time response is the catch in specifications.

Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone look and its features

Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone has a powerful battery of 4050 mAH. Users says that battery performance is exceptionally good. You have a MI security app which allows you to close the apps which is draining your battery. (Thanks to MIUI interface for that). Main Camera of 16 Mega Pixel and 5 Megapixel is just average according to users. No single user out of 30 points camera as a plus point for success of Redmi Note 3. They just have a word for it’s camera – average.

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27 out of 30 users says that great specifications are packed at a low price tag starting from Rs.9999 to Rs.11999. Xiaomi has done some wonderful job in providing these features (without any bug) at such a price point and it is commendable.

Brand Name :- Xiaomi

Although Indian market consider Chinese product as non durable products. One use says in Hindi that chale to chaand tak naa chale to raat tak. (If it runs then it can reach moon else it will not work till night). Instead Xiaomi tries to change the perception of Indian users in case of Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone. 9 out of 30 users says that they choose Redmi Note 3 because of it’s brand Name. They added Redmi phones make Indians trust Chinese smartphones.

Redmi Note 3 most successful :- Design

All the 30 users says that design of Redmi Note 3 is okay. No one points design to be outstanding but no one consider it’s design to be poor. Round cornered edges of smartphone gives comfort while putting phones into their pockets. Weight of smartphone is fine and could be lighter if tried. They point the dimensions of Redmi Note 3 is good according to the usage. 7 out of 30 users points that they considered it’s design as the basic point while purchasing it because at this price tag it has the best design.


According to users, Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone was teased properly before it’s official launch. Exclusive (If available on only one store) smartphones gets much publicity when compared to non-exclusive smartphones. Xiaomi invested amounts in its advertisement is much helpful and boosts the sale. First flash sale records out of stock in just a minute and some added seconds. Continuous unavailability of smartphone keeps it’s hype alive in minds of people. When they are added to flash sales, they immediately gets sold out. So 23 users consider that Xiaomi very beautifully maintained it’s aura by flash sales.

MIUI – A user interface

Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone runs on Android Lollipop but thanks to MIUI which has provided marshmallow platform for it’s users. MIUI has some interesting features like themes, second space, fingerprint app lock and others. Users says that Xiaomi is without any delay providing stable updates and tries to remove bugs as soon as possible. Most users find MIUI interface useful while using the device.

Overall Performance

Most important of all, overall performance of Redmi Note 3 is out of the box. All 30 users says performance of device is outstanding and they do not get any bad experience in usage. They are able to use phone without any lag and they are able to play games like Asphalt and NFS without any hang. Use of Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone is much smoother than any other phones in the same price budget. It is the phone with all the features greatly pushed without any bug in lowest online price.

Bug Free VoLTE

VoLTE is another important reason users picked up with Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone. Redmi Note 3 does not have any issues regarding Jio SIM compatibility and VoLTE calls works without any issues. All 30 users consider VoLTE as the prior point while buying Redmi Note 3 mobile.

Word of Mouth & Online Reviews

Last but not the least, word of mouth and online review websites like us and Phonearena.com helps to boost the success of Redmi Note 3. Word of mouth spreads from person to person and ultimately influence the mind of purchaser. While, Online reviews by experts and user ratings helps millions of people to know that Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone has got some charm and they consider it while shopping for their desired smartphone.

We will end the topic with a funny conversation really happened between a Redmi Note 3 user and iPhone 7 user. Redmi Note 3 user will be denoted by RN3 and iPhone 7 user will be denoted by i7. Coversation goes in Hindi and translated in English in brackets for english readers.

RN3 :  Yaar tumne iphone 7 kyu kharida, koi khaas feature hai isme 70K ka (Why you purchased iphone 7, is there any special feature in it worth 70K)

i7 : Camera achha hai dual 12 mp (Camera is good Dual 12 mp)

RN3 : DSLR le lete fir phone ki kya jarurat thi (You should have purchased DSLR instead of phone)

i7 : Touch achha hai (touch is smooth)

RN3 : Kyu phoonk se chalta hai (Why, touch works with an blow of air)

i7 : tere pass kaunsa hai phone (Which phone do you have ?)

RN3 : Redmi Note 3 hai and iss saal ka sabse popular phone hai (Redmi Note 3, most popular phone of the year)

And the conversation heats up and i7 ended it with tere bas me nahi hai kharidna, kate seb ki keemat hai kuch (It is beyond your purchase limit and this eaten apple logo have some value). RN3 ends it with an simple OK.

Here, Redmi Note 3 user proves his point in a funny way. Although when asked that why you hate iPhone 7? He replied, I do not hate iPhone 7 it is a wonderful smartphone. I was just testing his knowledge regarding it because he does not properly know the specifications of iPhone 7 and purchased it just because eaten apple logo. Stunned.

Thats all about Redmi Note 3 most successful smartphone and basic reasons behind it’s huge suceess. If you have any other point that have helped boost it’s sales, do share with us.

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