Xiaomi outcast Samsung to become Top Smartphone Seller in Q4, 2017

The Giant Mobile Maker, Samsung has slipped from the top of being the best smartphone seller in India, the position which was retained by it for consecutive six years. According to the latest reports, Xiaomi has outcast Samsung to become Numero Uno in terms of Smartphone sellers in India in fourth quarter of 2017. However, Jio become the top seller in terms of Feature Phone sales surpassing Samsung in Q4, 2017.

Xiaomi outcast Samsung in Q4, 2017

Xiaomi has relied mostly on flash sales carried out at Amazon India and Flipkart.com without spending much on advertising and promotional activities. And aggressive pricing providing high end specifications in much lesser prices than competitors helped them to reach to the crown. According to first report by Counterpoint Research, in fourth quarter, Xiaomi outcast Samsung by capturing 25-percent in terms of shipment market share while Samsung pegged at 23-percent losing the top position. Other companies like Lenovo including Motorola, Vivo and Oppo captured 6-percent each. All other brands stands at 34-percent in shipment market share in fourth Quarter. Collectively, for the complete financial year 2017, Samsung still holds the top position with 24-percent market share followed by Xiaomi at 19% and Vivo, Lenovo (includes Motorola) and Oppo holds 10%, 7% and 8% market respectively.

Xiaomi outcast Samsung in q4

Smartphone market shipment share in Fourth Quarter and Complete year 2017 | Report Credit : Counterpoint Research

Another report by German market research firm, Canalys concludes similar results. It says that Xiaomi shipped 8.2 million smartphones in respect to 7.3 million by Samsung in India in fourth Quarter, 2017. The report further adds that these top mobile vendors now hold more than 50-percent market share in India, Xiaomi holding 27-percent in comparison to Samsung’s 25-percent share.

Xiaomi beats Samsung - report by Canalys

Indian smartphone vendors shipment details and comparison | Report Credit : Canalys

Commenting on the latest developments, Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director, Xiaomi India, said in a statement that;

“We are pleased that we have been able to retain our position as the No 1 smartphone brand in the Indian market (including both online and offline) according to reports from Canalys and Counterpoint. India is a key market for us and we will continue to launch new products and categories for Indian Mi fans.”

He further adds that, “I believe our constant innovation across our products, operating model and our commitment to India has helped us win over our Mi fans.”

However, Samsung still believes that they are the leaders in smartphone sales in India. A Samsung India spokesperson said;

“Samsung is India’s number 1 smartphone company by a distance. As per GfK, which tracks sales to end consumers, in the last (November) quarter Samsung had a 45 percent value market share and 40 percent volume market share. Samsung is a full range player and leads the smartphone business across every segment of the India market in 2017. More importantly, Samsung is India’s ‘Most Trusted’ brand. We owe our undisputed leadership to the love and trust of millions of our consumers in India.”

The counterpoint research firm also reports on Jio becoming the top seller in terms of Feature Phone in Quarter 4, 2017 with 26-percent market cap in terms of Samsung’s 15-percent. However, for the cumulative year 2017, Samsung still retains the top mobile vendor with 21-percent market hold.

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